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Snowflake Tea Party, Kids’ Art Projects & Cozy Gear

It can be hard to entertain kids all winter long when their time outdoors is limited, winter walks are chilly, or in our case, we can’t go sledding much because we also have a baby. Daddy has taken the older girls sledding a bit and we’ve enjoyed fun indoor sensory activities and afternoon tea parties to keep us busy despite the feet of snow outside. See our DIY Kids’ Activities below!

My little guy loves tagging along on adventures with his sisters. If my girls go outside, my baby boy certainly wants to go to even if there is a foot of snow on the swing set. It’s been a bit challenging to keep our young kids entertained this winter because we’ve had so much snow. We’ve also been through several rounds of sickness, which doesn’t help energy levels. Despite this we’ve found ways to keep busy and stay cozy with our three kids cooped up inside the house for days on end.

Cozy Gear for Babies - baby boy looking out the window

Nights have been cold at chilly temperatures between 0 and 11 degrees. I’ve had to bundle our kids up at night in cozy pajamas and layer my little man with safe wearable baby blankets. The ergoPouch is a universal sleep suit that has even worked for keeping my baby and toddler cozy while out on the sledding hill. This unique ergoPouch sleep suit design doubles as a baby sleep sack and the bottom also zips apart into separate legs so kids can toddle about while wearing it.

Ergo Pouch sleep suit for babies

This ergoPouch is sized for 12-36 months, allowing several of my kids to wear it. My 4-year-old really wants to wear it for bed and although it’s a bit tight on her it amazingly still fits. Our cozy baby sleeper is best suited for my 1 and 2-year-old, especially since my younger kids don’t usually get out of bed at night. I’m impressed though that the ergoPouch wearable blanket fits such a range of kids sizes. The ergoPouch is well insulated and perfect for wearing over light pajamas or a romper as an extra layer at night. I thought my kids would get hot in it, but my 4-year-old says the ergoPouch is perfectly cozy. This extra layer has been nice when my kids are feeling sick with winter colds because it keeps them extra cozy within a very roomy wearable blanket design. The sleeves of the 12-36 month size are long enough for my four-year-old, with plenty of room for my 1-year-old to grow into. I love finding products like the ergoPouch that last for years and can be used by more than one child.

Ergo Pouch sleep suit for kids

DIY Painted Snowflake Craft for Winter Days

Some days are perfect for staying home and painting wooden snowflakes. My kids love painting and you can find all kinds of fun die-cut wooden designs for kids to decorate. I love how these DIY wooden snowflakes turned out and I use them for winter decor on my buffet table! My kids did such a good job!

Painted snowflakes kids craft

My 2-year-old has been enjoying her first memorable winter filled with snow! She loves playing with the fluffy flakes. We’ve had so much snow in the Pacific Northwest that it’s been laying around as fluffy powder for days on end. We can’t even build a snowman because the snow is not wet enough! My little girl loves traipsing around in dresses like this darling outfit from Matilda Jane Clothing. Looking pretty, now she just needs to put on her jacket!

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Matilda Jane little girl fashion and play dresses

Ergo Pouch sleep suit for toddlers

Curl Up with Netflix

This has been a rough month for winter sickness and my little one is not her happy, sparkly self. We were watching Baby Animals in the Wild on Netflix and my toddler looked cozy resting in this universal ergoPouch. The style of this sleep sack is pretty unique because it has soft jersey arms and a plushy wearable blanket that zips apart at the bottom to create separate legs. Kids can walk around or crawl while wearing this pouch if the legs are zipped apart. The same zippers can be zipped together to create the wearable blanket sleep sack style. The backside of the bottom leg area is slightly ribbed so kids can walk around with some grippy traction.

Ergo Pouch baby sleeper zip apart legs

Ergo Pouch universal sleep suit review

Overall, the ergoPouch is a cozy sleep suit bag that will grow with your child for several years. ergoPouch offers babies and kids’ sleep suit sizes in 2-12 months, 6-24 months, 12-36 months, and 3-6 years. It’s made with soft Organic cotton and is easy to put on and take off of your child with a zip-up style and zip-apart leg areas. Check out all of ergoPouch’s great sleep suit styles!

Ergo Pouch baby sleep sack for toddlers and babies

Yummy snowflake scones kids tea party

Afternoon Snowflake Tea Party

Another easy way to entertain kids who are feeling restless is to have a fun kids’ tea party. I whipped up some snowflake scones and we had afternoon tea with the cousins. Fortunately we only have a round or two of winter sickness each year, and tea parties, cozy play dates, and engaging activities make the winter days go a little faster.

Sensory Preschool Activities

DIY Sugar Sand is a fun activity for your kids to help make too! We made blueberry and strawberry sugar sand with ingredients we had in the kitchen. You could also experiment with mixing different colors, layering, and mixing in various textures (glitter, beads, and small pom poms) for your child to explore. Let your child pick what she wants to add to the sand. For boys, you could add small legos or tiny characters for them to excavate and discover.

Make Homemade Sensory Snow by mixing 3 boxes of baking soda with a cup of white conditioner and as much glitter as you want. This will create a dough-like consistency that holds together but also melts apart with handling. Let your child help mix the snow together for a hands-on kids’ activity. My daughter loves measuring out ingredients and helping in the kitchen whenever possible. She was excited to help make the homemade sensory snow we were creating just for her!

Custom Crayon Shapes are another super easy activity to make with your kids and they can color with their DIY crayons later. These are a perfect way to re-purpose your tub of broken crayons!

Make custom cards or Valentines with Homemade Potato Stamps, which you can cut into any shape and stamp out using paint.

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Fun winter kids activities - Mommy Scene

Yummy snowflake scones kids tea party on a winter day

A darling kids’ tea party is the perfect activity for a winter afternoon, complete
with snowflake scones, pretzels, and peach tea! The icicle centerpiece adds a festive, wintry touch.

How does your family spend the winter days with kids indoors?

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Dotty J Boucher
Dotty J Boucher
5 years ago

I love the sleep suit and the crafting that is going on. I love all the ideas on snowflakes, gives me more ideas when the grandchildren are over.

5 years ago

Well those are great ideas for kids activities, they look so happy even though they can’t go outside too long because of the weather. Thanks for them

5 years ago

Funny and educational activities to entertain the kids.. Keep up the good work!