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Teach Toddlers New Skills Through Play

Teach Toddlers New Skills Through Play

Babies learn something new every day. They may not show evidence of their growing knowledge base until later, but every action and interaction teaches a baby something new. Babies and toddlers learn about color and textures every time they do a tactile or sensory activity. They learn new words and social interactions from their care takers. Teaching a baby or toddler new skills can be a lot of fun! Here are some interactive activities with pom poms to help babies and toddlers learn about color and size. Preschoolers can even do math with pom poms!

Playing with Pom Poms sensory toddler activity - Mommy Scene

Playing with Pom Poms

I bought a bag of pom poms for my kids from a craft store for interactive activities. My baby boy likes moving them around and my older girls like sorting pom poms by size and color. Pom poms are soft and great sensory toy for babies and toddlers to help them learn about counting, colors, sizes and more!

Sensory Pom Poms toddler activity - Mommy Scene

Counting with Pom Poms

Counting is so fun and easy to introduce with pom poms! Even when my 18-month-old daughter could only say “two!” it was fun to introduce her to basic numbers with these colorful balls. My kids line them up and count them and arrange them in any combination of designs. Pom poms are also a great tool for teaching basic addition and subtraction.

Learning colors and numbers with Pom Poms preschool activity - Mommy Scene

Pom poms are also great for teaching kids about color. Kids will love learning to identify each color while squeezing each soft little ball. Kids can arrange pom poms by hue, similar colors, and opposite colors to a whole new depth to learning about colors.

My baby boy doesn’t even know he is learning when he is having lots of fun! And when my kids scatter the pom poms everywhere they get to learn a new skill — gathering them up and putting them back in the box. Of course, my little boy just wants to put the box on his head.

Sensory activities for toddlers - Mommy Scene

Other Pom Pom Activities

Lining pom poms up in a line.
Placing pom poms in the different cups of a muffin tin.
Stirring pom poms in a pot to make “soup”.
Arranging pom poms closer/further apart to practice fine motor skills.

Counting and Math with Pom Poms preschool activity - Mommy Scene

Math with Pom Poms

Older kids can do math with pom poms! My 5-year-old is learning basic addition. We can use pom poms to add and subtract to introduce her to basic math. She caught on pretty quickly to creating different combinations of pom poms and counting them together to find the correct answer.

Pom Poms are also fun to create colorful shapes!

Playing with Pom Poms creating shapes preschool activity - Mommy Scene

Pom poms are a fun, basic toy for kids to play and learn with. No matter what age your child is, pom poms can be used for many fun interactive and educational activities!


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How fun! Love all of the colors!


Can’t wait til my LO is old enough to not eat the pom poms!

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This looks like a lot of fun!