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Trendy Essentials for Little Girls

Trendy Essentials for Little Girls

Summer is a perfect time for doing crafts to fill the hot afternoons, having movie parties, and sporting fabulous summer fashion! While you’re watching the new movie Trolls for the 10th time, make a cute DIY Princess Poppy flower headband or cuddle up for a family reading party.

DIY Trolls Flower Headbands

Who doesn’t love the new Trolls movie? It’s colorful, adventurous, and it’s all about colorfully awesome hairstyles. My daughter’s favorite heroines from the story included both Princess Poppy and Lady Glitter Sparkles. She helped me make these fun Princess Poppy flower headbands and colored her hair pink for at least a week this summer. Isn’t childhood fun?

DIY Princess Poppy flower headbands for girls - Mommy Scene

Princess Poppy wears a green headband with purple flowers, so we cut some flowers out of felt and glued them onto a green piece of elastic. Use hot glue to minimize drying time so your kids can play with these right away!

DIY Princess Poppy flower headband - Mommy Scene

Cut felt flowers and leaves out of purple and green felt. Measure a piece of green elastic long enough to go around your child’s head.

Easy DIY Princess Poppy flower headband - Mommy Scene

Glue on the leaves to the underside of the flowers and attach the flowers to the headband, using hot glue to minimize drying time.

DIY Princess Poppy felt flower headband - Mommy Scene

Girls will love dressing up like Troll’s Princess Poppy with this fun DIY felt flower headband.

Cute DIY Princess Poppy trolls flower headband for girls - Mommy Scene

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Cute DIY Princess Poppy trolls flower headband for dress up - Mommy Scene

Cute DIY Princess Poppy trolls flower headband - Mommy Scene

Gladiator Sandals

My girls love their gladiator sandals and they seem to be trendy because I see them almost everywhere we go. These sandals are cute and they effectively protect my girls’ feet much more than flip flops. They also don’t easily come off by themselves, which is great for little girls who love to run and swing at the playground. Sparkly gladiator sandals are a gorgeous and practical little girl’s wardrobe basic!

Trendy essentials girl's gladiator sandals - Mommy Scene

Curlee Girlee kids' book - Mommy Scene

Summer Kids’ Reading Parties

Summer break doesn’t have to mean a break from all school. My daughter loves reading books with me and she’s beginning to learn how to read by herself. This Curlee Girlee illustrated kid’s book quickly became a favorite in our home, featuring beautiful illustrations and a sweet story about a little girl who learns how to love her curly hair just the way it is. Little girls can easily become wrapped up in their appearance and it’s great to teach kids important values such as friendship and kindness rather than emphasis on appearance. I tell my daughter she is most beautiful when she is generous with her friends. This book is a sweet reminder for girls to love the unique features they have rather than wishing to change how they look. Learn more at curleegirlee.com.

Curlee Girlee illustrated kids' book - Mommy Scene

Fun Summer Toys

My girls have had fun with this fun Splash Surprise Ariel doll who transforms from mermaid to girl with a removable tail and extra outfit. She’s perfect for summer water play and bath time! My girls love playing with her in our Bouncer Pool and swimming her around the yard, and then dressing her up in her pink gown. This interactive doll from Hasbro is a great addition to any doll collection.

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Little Mermaid Doll fun summer toy for kids - Mommy Scene

Of course my 5-year-old daughter fell in love with Moana as soon as she watched the movie. Our Moana of Oceania doll comes with a ceremonial outfit and headdress that’s fun for little girls to dress her up in. She wears a coordinating top and skirt and lots of accessories.

Moana Disney princess doll with ceremonial dress - Mommy Scene

We recently watched the new live action Beauty & the Beast movie for the first time. My daughter loved the classic tale retold by Emma Watson’s magical performance. This Belle doll comes with her classic yellow ball gown, necklace, and shoes and allows girls to continue acting out the fairy tale long after the movie has ended. Press her stomach and the Enchanting Melodies Belle doll sings the classic song “Something There” from the live action movie Beauty and the Beast.

Hasbro Disney Belle Enchanting Melodies doll - Mommy Scene

These toys and craft ideas are super fun to make the long summer afternoons a little more imaginative.

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Rut McIver

I love seeing children; especially girls -reading. No video games or watching tell-lies-to-your-vision; but a nice book! That is a great foundation.

Sue Tanya McHorgh
Sue Tanya McHorgh

Awwwwww these are so cute! I can’t wait to try this with my little one.

Jessica N
Jessica N

I’m so glad I read this, going to order Curlee Girlee right now! I have a little one who has curly hair and everyone always comments on it to the point she is starting to not like it. It’s heartbreaking so I hope this book helps!

Sade Lee

These are adorable! If im blessed with a daughter I will definitely give these a try. Love me some DIY. Your little girl is so sweet. Thanks for sharing


Aww the little troll hats are the absolute cutest!!!!


Love the troll headbands. Very cute!