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Cozy Year-Round Family Basics & Organizing Tips

Are you ready for a new year? After the holidays, I often work on getting my house in order. My post-holiday organizing can include decluttering closets, finding spots for our new holiday gifts and donating unneeded toys and clothing. It’s also fun to stock up on new basics for the new year such as buying new socks! Here are some of my family’s organizing tips that are helpful year round!

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Cozy Year-Round Family Basics and Organizing Tips K.Bell Socks - Mommy Scene

Accessorize with Cozy Socks

I love new socks because they keep my feet cozy in the winter and they are a practical fashion accessory. K. Bell socks are stylish and come in lots of patterns and styles. This modern sock brand even offers leggings and sock gift sets. My blue knee-high socks are so cozy and I love the cute lacy detailing. I can wear these socks with fashion boots for going out with my husband or with snow boots for playing in the yard with my kiddos.

Cute K.Bell Knee Socks - Mommy Scene

I received this stylish K.bell sock assortment. I especially love the pineapple, palm tree and emoji sock patterns. The striped socks and glitter knit socks are comfortable and colorful, a fun sock choice for any casual outfit. Some of the socks came in a cute gift box with a flip top. Personally, I love socks and I would enjoy receiving socks as a gift!

Colorful K.Bell Socks - Mommy Scene

Organize Clutter with Cube Storage - Mommy Scene

Organize Clutter with Cube Storage

I like to organize our home’s living spaces by decluttering our stuff. I go through our toys and donate things we don’t need any more. I can hide away the toys my kids regularly play with in these decorative cube storage bins. I love these canvas bins because my kids can access their toys by themselves and put their toys away during clean-up time. These canvas bins come in many patterns and colors to match your home decor!

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Clean out and Declutter Clothing Closets - Mommy Scene

Clean out Clothing Closets

It’s helpful for me to organize our closets at least twice a year by cleaning out old clothing. Organizing the clothing for my whole family can be a daunting task, but once I declutter our closets it really minimizes my kids’ bedroom messes and laundry piles. Every summer and winter I go through my kids’ clothing (and my own) and donate clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or hasn’t been worn in awhile. If I keep something I have to have a specific reason to keep it. My kids love pulling everything out of their closets and drawers just to find a specific outfit, so when I minimize our clothing it helps keep bedrooms cleaner!

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What are some ways you organize your family’s stuff for a new year or changing seasons? I’d love to hear your ideas shared in the comments!

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