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Water Safety Tips & Summer Gear

Summer can be filled with lots of fun and adventures. My kids love water, which means we regularly go swimming,  use our hot tub, play in the sprinkler, and enjoy afternoons in the boat on the lake. Water activities can be lots of fun as well as create some possible hazards. These water safety tips shared by a father and police officer can help parents keep kids safe during family water activities. Also don’t miss our summer gear family must-haves and review of DryFins chafe-free swim trunks below!

Helpful Water Safety Tips

30-year law enforcement veteran Steve Kardian shares 5 water safety tips every parent needs to know to help kids safe during water play.

1) Your Span of Control is Limited

Ideally, every child would have a designated adult supervising them at the beach or pool. Two children is a comfortable number for one adult to supervise. Any more kids can become overwhelming and increase the risk of something going wrong.

I know this just by trying to keep track of my three children at a park or in the parking lot. I only head to the beach or pool with all three kids when my husband can come along too.

2) Drowning Doesn’t Look like You Imagine

In the movies, when someone is acting out a drowning scene they may wave their arms and scream for help. In real life drowning is usually a silent act. Once a person goes into distress mode, they are fighting for two things: air and keeping their mouth above water. A drowning child may be bobbing in the water or oddly positioned even in a few inches of water. If a situation in or around the water doesn’t look right, it likely isn’t.

3) Play by a Lifeguard

At the pool or beach, set up your stuff near a lifeguard station so that if you venture into the water with your children there is an extra set of eyes to watch over you and your child. Don’t allow the lifeguard’s presence to replace your diligence but rather supplement it. Your child is your first responsibility.

4) Don’t Get Lost in Conversation

Going to the beach or pool is often a social event. Even if you are talking to someone, keep your face and your eyes on your child. Mishaps and accidents can occur very quickly and with a mix of children and water, seconds can make all the difference. Keep a hold of your babies or toddlers at all times. Keep an eye out for rough waves when you are at the beach. Before entering the water, chat with the lifeguard about any dangers you should know about. Ankle deep water can quickly become a hazard if you are not paying attention. While you are on child watch duty don’t get distracted by your phone.

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5) Learn CPR and Rescue Breathing

Take a CPR certification class sponsored by a local fire station, gym or health club. You will not realize the value of CPR training until you need it!

My husband and I took an EMT certification course before we had kids. While we’ve never had to use much of the information we learned, just knowing what to do in an emergency is helpful and comforting. A child fighting for oxygen has about 90 seconds before they may experience permanent brain damage or even death. I believe all moms should know the basics of CPR, so you can begin lifesaving treatment immediately, long before any extra help can arrive.

DryFins Swimwear for Guys

My husband loves taking the kids on summer adventures and it’s important to be equipped with the right gear for maximum summer fun! He was excited to try out these chafe-free board shorts by DryFins. These swim suits for guys are made from high quality materials and feature a specially designed liner that protects skin from rash and chafe, while giving guys the most comfortable day of fun around the water. The super soft outer shell looks great wet or dry.

DryFins also have 2 deep pockets for basic essentials and a Velcro back pocket; just don’t forget your phone’s inside and jump into the water! These swim shorts designed by guys for guys are available in styles and sizes for both men and boys.

DryFins super soft swim shorts for guys protect skin from irritation of chafe, rash and burn.

Helpful Summer Gear

It’s easy to bring too much stuff to the pool or beach and forget the things you actually need. Here are some of my top summer gear essentials for family adventures.

Family beach must haves - Mommy Scene

Fun Summer Toys – My kids love making sand castles or collecting treasures they find outside. Packable Pails are so useful for carrying a lot of stuff and they collapse into a thin square so you can easily store them. Packable Pails are made from silicone which is much more durable than plastic. We keep our Packable Pails handy for our adventures to the lake and beach!  These pool noodle water shooters are also fun for playing at the pool and splash pad! Kids can easily fill them up with a pail of water and have a friendly water fight.

Kid-Friendly Sunscreen – I love using natural products whenever we can. So many useful products such as sunscreen and bug spray can also contain harsh chemicals. I’ve been using Think Baby sunscreen (#1 best seller on Amazon!) on my kids for about 2 years now. It effectively blocks the sun’s UV rays while also gently moisturizing my kids’ skin. Think Baby sunscreen also doesn’t smell like chemicals which is a huge plus! I haven’t personally done the research about how our body responds to products that contain chemicals, but I’d say the more natural products you can use the better!

Kids’ Flotation Gear – We’ve had several sets of arm floaties and Puddle Jumper swimming trainers are easily our favorite. Kids put their arms through the arm holes and parents can attach the buckle in the back, keeping the swimming trainer in place. Puddle Jumpers stay in place so kids can paddle around confidently, learn how to kick, and practice swimming strokes. Parents should still keep an eye on their kids in the water at all times, but Puddle Jumpers allow young kids to have a bit more freedom in the pool.

Where will your family adventures take you this summer?

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Emily | The Multitasking Mom
Emily | The Multitasking Mom
3 years ago

These tips are so so important. Safety is key when near water.

3 years ago

These are such great tips! I always make sure I’m attentive to my kids especially when we’re our and about and most importantly when we’re in the pool or beach!

Belle | One Awesome Momma

3 years ago

These are great summer safety tips for when you have littles…