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Creative Gift Ideas for Her

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. It’s hard to buy special gifts that my husband really enjoys and I’m sure he equally has trouble buying gifts for me. Gift ideas for moms, girls, girlfriends, wives and grandmas can be pretty and practical or just creative and fun! Here are some gift ideas for her that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and any special occasion.

DIY Flower Headbands

Girls of all ages can enjoy bedazzled hair accessories. I enjoy making flower headbands for my young girls with a piece of elastic or a pre-formed headband, hot glue, and colorful flowers and shimmery accents. I’ll be sharing more details of how I made these pretty headbands soon!

DIY flower headbands gift idea for girls

24k Gold Dipped Rose

I love flowers and my little girls enjoy bringing me home bouquets of fresh cut flowers. But real flowers quickly wilt and fresh bouquets of flowers can be relatively expensive for how long they last. These 24k gold dipped roses are not only gorgeous but they last forever! Eternity Rose has paved the way in transforming real rose blooms into timeless keepsakes that preserve the full beauty of natural roses.

24k gold dipped Eternity Rose

It’s actually a pretty fascinating process how these Eternity Roses are made. First, roses are picked at the height of their beauty. Each rose bloom is dipped in a type of clear coat to help the rose maintain its shape and prepare it for the rest of the 60-step process.

Gorgeous 24k gold dipped Eternity Rose

Once the clear coat has dried, the rose is layered with pure copper as a quality base over the vegetative material to preserve the characteristics of the rose stem, leaves and petals. Finally the roses progress to the platinum, gold, or silver electroplating basins where dozens of micron-thin layers are slowly applied over multiple weeks. Pretty cool right?

24k gold dipped Eternity Rose gift idea for her

These gold dipped roses are available in a variety of colors and come in a gorgeous gift-ready display box. If your lady loves flowers, she will love this timeless rose preserved for eternity.

Eternity Rose 24k gold dipped blooms come in a gorgeous display box

Homemade Cards

Kids love making homemade cards for friends and family. Moms can easily turn card making into an educational activity too! Kids can practice motor skills by cutting paper with scissors and writing their letters to decorate the cards with personalized messages. I treasure some of the cards my kids have made me in the past.

Cute homemade cards are great gift ideas

These homemade cards even include fruit snacks as a special treat! My kids enjoyed making them by assembling cut out shapes into creative little cards that are perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a birthday or to make just for fun!

Homemade hot air balloon card with fruit snacks

Easy No-Sew Tutu

A colorful shimmery tutu is another fun craft to make to dress up a little girl for a photoshoot or party. You can find the details on how to make a no-sew tulle tutu here.

No-Sew Toddler Tutu using Tulle

Gift ideas for her can be as simple or as glamorous as you want them to be! The important thing is the show the lady in your life how much you love her.

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