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Simple DIY Pumpkin Planter & Fall Decor

A DIY pumpkin flower pot is a beautiful and creative fall decoration, perfect to accent a buffet table or holiday party.  You can also use this pumpkin planter to decorate your front porch with fall blooms. If you want to design a long-lasting pumpkin planter, you could even use one of those carvable artificial pumpkins! See our easy steps for making your own pumpkin flower pot + other gorgeous fall decorating ideas!

Easy DIY pumpkin flower planter - Mommy Scene

This DIY Pumpkin Planter is as easy as can be!

  1. Buy a pumpkin, or pick one from your garden.
  2. Cut off the top as if you were carving it, and scoop out the inside.
  3. Fill the pumpkin with dirt.
  4. Plant your flowers!
  5. Add any decorative accents as desired.

How to make a planter out of a pumpkin - Mommy Scene

Beautiful Fall Pumpkin Planter - Mommy Scene

Scoop out the pumpkin so you can fill it with dirt and plant your flowers!

Beautiful Pumpkin flower pot - Mommy Scene

To maximize the life of your planter and keep it fresh, I’d recommend displaying it in a cold location such as your front porch or back deck. A pumpkin planter doesn’t last long indoors once it is cut and left out in warm air.  You can also use it as a gorgeous buffet table decoration for a holiday party and put it back outside after the party ends.

Stunningly Simple DIY Pumpkin Planter - Mommy Scene

Simply Beautiful Fall Decorations

I love decorating for Fall but I tend to keep it pretty simple and kid-friendly. These beautiful apothecary jars are perfect for decorating for any season, and to fill with treats for a party! I keep them on a high shelf out of the reach of kids. I love the universal style of apothecary jars; you can fill them with any color gems, water beads, pine cones, shells, candy canes, or any other decorative accents.

Decorate for fall with apothecary jars - Mommy Scene

Simply Beautiful Fall Decorations and Mason Jars - Mommy Scene

Mason jars also make beautiful vases, customizable for any season. I have a set of three mason jars in colors lavender, dusty aqua, and gray; beautifully contrasting with my red and orange fall decor, leaves and faux pumpkins and squash. I also added a festive jeweled Christmas pick for a bit of sparkle.

Simple Kid-friendly Fall Decorations and Pumpking Flower Pot - Mommy Scene

Easy and Beautiful Fall Decorations - Mommy Scene

Inexpensive and Beautiful Fall Decorations - Mommy Scene

Simply Beautiful Fall Decorations and Fruit Basket - Mommy Scene

I really enjoy decorating my home for fall, especially in a way that’s casual and kid-friendly. A garland of leaves is the perfect accent for a buffet table. I regularly update my modern aqua tiled vase with seasonal flowers and leaves. My DIY Happy Heart wood wall art is a cheerful reminder on my wall, encouraging my family to all have good attitudes throughout our day. I especially love this homemade wood wall art sign because it was super easy to make and cost almost nothing. (I painted a $5 cabinet door from Restore – Habitat for Humanity).

What is your favorite way to celebrate the autumn season and decorate for fall? Some families buy a pumpkin for each child. Others turn raking leaves into a family event; gathering the leaves in their yard into big piles and jumping in them. We’ve often enjoyed a family day at our local pumpkin patch farm, where we can also pick our own ears of corn for making popcorn. Whatever fall activities you do, autumn is a wonderful time to spend with family!

DIY Happy Heart Wood Wall Art - Mommy Scene

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Christina C
Christina C
3 years ago

What a cute holiday craft idea!

Vera F
Vera F
3 years ago

I too love everything about fall! Planting fresh flowers in a pumpkin is a great idea!