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Favorite Things that Shimmer and Sparkle

Glitter is definitely my favorite color. My girls would likely say the same thing. I love the sparkle of the holidays; cheerful twinkle lights, glittery details on holiday decorations and the shimmer of newly fallen snow. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas and DIY activities that are inspired by a bit of sparkle!

Sparkly Jewelry with Personalized Initials

These initial necklaces from Isabelle Grace are gorgeous! I received a necklace with 3 initials for my kiddos — J, S and K. These leaf-shaped / scalloped pendants are detailed with a gold initial and hang on a silver chain embellished with tiny silver balls. The designer also added two crystal beads. I couldn’t love this necklace more!

Isabelle Grace Jewelry personalized necklaces can be customized with a wide variety of pendants, beads and sparkly accents. Customized jewelry is a perfect gift for moms. This necklace reminds me of my little ones I hold so close and dear to my heart.

I appreciate the simple style of this customized initial necklace and the gorgeous craftsmanship. I can wear it with essential any outfit!

Beauty and the Beast Craft

I love watching Beauty and the Beast with my girls. We switch between the classic animated Disney movie and the live action re-make featuring Emma Watson as Belle. We made these cute Beauty and the Beast inspired crafts one afternoon; my girls loved creating their own DIY magic mirror and enchanted rose!

Beauty and the Beast magic mirror and enchanted rose craft - Mommy Scene

My Favorite Things Party Idea

Recently I was invited to a “My Favorite Things Party” which was such a great idea and created a memorable night with friends. 10 guests were invited and we each brought 10 duplicates of one of our favorite things. I love sparkle, re-purposed wood and my home. I made whimsical wall hangings as my “favorite thing” using wood from our old fence and barbed wire from our yard. I went to the party, hung out with my friends, sipped warm drinks and ate tasty treats, and came home with 10 of my friends’ favorite things!

Favorite Things Party Wood Wall Art - Mommy Scene

To host a Favorite Things party, invite a group of friends to attend.

  1. Tell each guest to choose one favorite thing and bring enough of that favorite thing for each party guest. It’s helpful to keep the “favorite thing” price point low.
  2. At the party, each guest can explain why they chose their favorite thing and they can pass one out for each guest!
  3. Everyone goes home with a collection of favorite things! So fun!

Here’s the collection of goodies and “favorite things” I took home from our party. My assortment included ginger cookies, Washi tape, some homemade wall decor, an essential oil diffuser necklace, argon oil for my hair, homemade caramel sauce, homemade lemon curd, a packet of pour-over coffee and dark chocolate espresso treats.

My Favorite Things Party Idea - Mommy Scene

My Favorite Things Party Idea and Gifts - Mommy Scene

A favorite things party is a festive way to spend time with friends and bless them with a few treats!

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