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Gourmet Holiday Treats & Seasonings from PRI

The holidays are fun to celebrate with fun food, delicious treats and spicy drinks and sauces. Our family often does a lot of baking around the holidays; my favorite treats are pumpkin pie, pecan pie, homemade bread sticks and spiced apple cider. The holiday are also a fun opportunity to give creative gifts to friends and family. Here are some memorable food-inspired gift ideas and holiday treats that will make an impression during the holidays.

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Everyone loves a tasty snack! Snacks are even better if they are somewhat healthy. My husband and I enjoy rich flavors and sophisticated treats such as dark chocolate, spicy dips and gourmet kettle-cooked chips. Pacific Resources International offers a variety of tasty treats such as these amazing Manuka Honey chocolates and salted caramel candies.

Pacific Resources International Manuka Honey caramels and chocolate - Mommy Scene

PRI’s delicious 100% raw Manuka Honey is sourced from New Zealand bee keepers who take pride in producing the highest quality Manuka Honey from remote, pollution-free forests. In addition to its delicious flavor, Manuka Honey aids digestion and assists with allergies and immune defense. It’s tasty to spread on your bread, include in holiday recipes and flavor a cup of hot tea.

We love these Manuka Honey chocolates; rich and slightly bitter with a trace of peppermint or ginger. These gourmet chocolates are filled with a Manuka Honey center covered by rich dark chocolate. The salted caramel candy is not too sweet and just salty enough. PRI chocolates and salted caramels make delicious stocking stuffers for the whole family!

Pacific Resources International Proper Crisps gourmet chips - Mommy Scene gift ideas

Pacific Resources International also makes Proper Crisps, a gourmet twist to potato chips that are perfect for a holiday buffet spread or cozy family movie night. Available in flavorful combinations such as Marlborough Sea Salt, Rosemary & Thyme, Smoked Paprika and Cider Vinegar And Sea Salt, some are even made with sweet potatoes! Proper Crisps are the fastest growing snack company in New Zealand. Anyone who loves snacks will enjoy trying these tasty chip flavors.

PRI is a household name for seasonings and spices; chances are you already have a PRI product in your spice cabinet. I like using PRI Flaky Sea Salt and BBQ Salt to add a bit of favor to our family’s meals. My husband loves cooking and would enjoy receiving these flavorful spices as a gift just as much as a nifty gadget. You can browse all Pacific Resources International has to offer at

Pacific Resources International Manuka Honey, Proper Crisps, salt and seasonings - Mommy Scene gift ideas

Homemade Bread Sticks with Asiago Cheese

We whipped up some delicious bread sticks for a small dinner party, garnished with PRI Flaky Sea Salt! I used a recipe from one of my favorite cooking magazines, Fine Cooking. You can find the full cheesy bread stick twists recipe here.

These bread sticks are amazing and so easy to make. We sprinkled flaky sea salt on top as the perfect finishing flavor.

I hope you feel inspired to make some holiday treats or add some of these gourmet gift ideas to your list!

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