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How to Save Money at Walmart on Black Friday

Looking for deals this year? As everyone knows, Black Friday is a popular occasion for getting great deals on practically anything. At Walmart, you can stock up on family essentials and finish up your holiday shopping. Black Friday can also be a fun community event if you go shopping with friends. Here are some ideas and tips for saving big on Black Friday for things you need.

Gifts for the Whole Family Black Friday at Walmart

Finish Up Your Family Gift List

If you have a lot of people in your family, gift giving can feel overwhelming. Our extended family swaps names to spread out the gift giving, but I still like to pick out something small for everyone in our family. Shopping at Walmart on Black Friday is a great opportunity to pick up all those little extras for your family. Great stocking stuffers include colorful socks, cosmetics, earphones, chapstick, nail polish, chocolate, gel pens, small flashlights, sun glasses, matchbox cars and holiday candy. All of these things can be purchased at Walmart. Bigger gifts take more planning but you can still score great deals. I try to buy my family gifts that are consumable or everyday essentials. Great gift ideas for kids include add-ons to something my kids already have, such as more Legos or additional American Girl outfits.

Stock Up On Family Essentials

Shopping on Black Friday is also a great time to buy more everyday basics for your family. I’ve found great Black Friday deals on kids’ clothing, kitchen tools and even bedding! I typically make a list of of things I’m shopping for ahead of time, so I effectively get what our family needs. Last year we purchased an Instant Pot on Black Friday, and on a previous year we picked out a new HD TV.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

You can do a few things to prepare for Black Friday shopping to ensure you get the best possible deals. Also, these tips will help you strategize your shopping, since lines can be long and it can take time to get through the store.

Track Price History

It’s helpful to know what the regular price is for some of the big ticket items on your Black Friday shopping list and how often they regularly go on sale. Tracking price history will help you identify what is truly a deal on Black Friday (and what’s worth standing in line for).

Give Yourself a Black Friday Budget

If you know how much you want to spend ahead of time, you won’t overspend on your Black Friday shopping trip. Of course, the holidays and limited time deals make everything look great, but buying everything is not necessary or realistic. Prioritize your wish list and shop accordingly!

Give Yourself a Black Friday Budget

Map Out Your Route and What You’ll Buy Where

Once you’ve identified good deals and how much you want to spend, you’ll need to plan which store to go to first! If you are shopping with friends, it’s especially good to make a shopping route. Don’t forget to plan in a coffee stop! I like to make a list of the things I’m looking for and group them by store so I don’t miss anything. I’ve typically only gone to 3 or 4 stores on Black Friday, because of the lines and traffic.

I especially appreciate Walmart because you can get so many different things at one stop. Even on a regular day, I typically fill my shopping cart with food, body care products, home basics and extras such as socks, office supplies, or cosmetics. On Black Friday, Walmart often has limited release deals which they unveil in store, which adds to the festivity of the shopping experience.

Which Black Friday deals are you looking for this year?

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