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How to Make DIY Apple Candles for Fall

How to Make DIY Apple Candles for Fall

Whip up pretty holiday decor in minutes with these easy DIY apple candles! All you need is a handful of unblemished apples and small tea lights. DIY apple candles are gorgeous accents for a holiday table and Thanksgiving buffet spread. I’m excited to share how I made these pretty fall decorative accents in minutes!

DIY Apple Candles & Festive Fall Decor Ideas - Mommy Scene

Scoop Out Your DIY Apple Candles

To make homemade apple candles, select a handful of small apples that are free from blemishes, wash them and pat them dry. I was able to pick my apples from our front yard apple tree. I like to make candle holders from home-grown apples because the apples tend to be smaller and more delicate.

How to Make DIY Apple Candles - Mommy Scene

Cut a circle in the top of each apple roughly the size of a tea light. Cut the circle at an angle to remove the top and then cut down vertically to make a tea-light shaped impression in the apple. It may help to scoop out the top of the apple with a small spoon. You also may need to slice a layer off the bottom of the apple to level it out. Insert a tea light into the top of each apple candle holder.

Gorgeously Easy DIY Apple Candles - Mommy Scene

Apple candles are such a gorgeous and whimsical addition to fall decor! Just be careful when you light the tea lights — give your candles adequate space to flicker without catching anything on fire.

Easy DIY Apple Candles & Festive Fall Decor - Mommy Scene

What will you decorate with your homemade apple candles? These easy apple candles are perfect for a holiday party because they are inexpensive to make, eye catching, and you can simply throw them away after the party ends. You could also intertwine homemade apple candles with small pumpkin candles using the same technique, a fun way to make the fall feel festive. Apple candles are a gorgeous addition to any home’s Thanksgiving decorations and fall decor.

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Gorgeous DIY Apple Candles & Festive Fall Decor Ideas - Mommy Scene

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