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How To Make Extra Money Without Sacrificing Time With The Family

How To Make Extra Money Without Sacrificing Time With The Family

Moms can easily make money at home and still spend the majority of their time with their families. Technology has made working from home more than possible by offering a variety of writing, design and marketing side gigs. Freelancing jobs allow you to maximize time with your family while earning some extra spending money.

Freelance Writing

Mothers who have great writing skills can start earning from home immediately. The demand for high quality content for all industries is high regardless of what written content you are producing. The first step is to seek out a freelancer platform and to fill out the profile in a very detailed manner. Applying for writing jobs can lead to consistent work which will be a nice supplement to your family’s income. Start your compensation at a lower level than you’d expect so you can get your first jobs and increase your freelancer rating. Most companies are willing to pay higher rates once they see your work is high quality and meets the deadlines.

Web Design

Web designers are always in demand and many design projects can easily be done from home. If you are a mother that already works as a designer you can still pick up a few extra freelance jobs. Plenty of companies are looking for things like a website revamp or a new logo that better matches their brand. Finding consistent clients can actually allow you to quit your current design job and work for yourself, which will allow you to maximize time at home while also maximizing your pay for work completed.

Product Reviews

Doing product reviews or even product descriptions for a company can be a great way to generate income. There are plenty of market research companies that will send you an item to review and compensate you for an honest review. Ecommerce giants need writers who can create product copy at a high level in order to increase sales on a certain product. This can fall under freelance writing but many writers will tell you that product copy is far different from a blog post or article. Writers who have a decent social media following can also be paid to be an influencer where brands will reach out to allow you to promote their product for pay. Make sure to be honest about products so your following can trust your recommendations.

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Starting a Blog

Starting a blog can be quite a profitable venture for moms. The first step is to figure out the blog topic then to come up with a name of the site. Promoting this site can be done through attending blogger conferences and standing out with branding ideas. You can grow your site traffic by generating great content and promoting it thoroughly on your social media pages. Sponsored posts, product reviews and website ads can be a great way to generate revenue through your blog. Start by writing content before you even design your website so you can keep posting content day after day. A bank of great content can be an impactful tool when you are too busy or tired to write.

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Moms can find plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash by working from home. You can use the extra money to pay for “nice to haves” that are outside of your regular budget or be able to afford an extra family vacation. It’s worth taking the time to research money making opportunities that best use your natural talents.

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