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Mommy Wish List & Holiday Gift Ideas

In my family, I’m most blessed when I see my kids enjoy something I did for them or with them. I love doing crafts with my girls and hanging out in the evenings with my husband, watching Netflix. I honestly don’t feel like I need many gifts because I’m already so blessed by my babies’ smiles and giggles and warmth of my home. I enjoy cooking and cleaning (when I feel especially motivated) and I love decorating in ways that are kid-friendly, easy, and pretty. My favorite colors are dusty aqua and lavender and I love dressing up my girls in cute little outfits. I have 3 healthy kids under the age of 5 (and I wouldn’t mind having another) and I’m a stay at home, work from home mom who enjoys drinking lots of coffee — God has blessed our family much more than we deserve. What more could I wish for? So I when I say, “here’s my Mommy Wish List for the holidays!”, I just mean these mommy gift ideas are fun extras for stylish home decorating, luxurious products for making a mommy feel pampered, and fun toys that enhance a mom’s hobbies of photography and coffee drinking. (yes, I’m my family’s resident barista!) I’m sure you’ll find something you love on my gift list for moms!

Gorgeous Printed Throw Pillows from Minted

You may have thought Minted only designed holiday cards and invitations? Wrong. Minted has a whole line of home decor, gorgeous Minted throw pillows designed by independent artists, and printed wall art for kids’ bedrooms and your DIY baby nursery design. I love Minted’s whimsical patterns and color options they offer for their throw pillows, available in a range of sizes too! Many of the patterns can be customized with options to change the main accent colors. You can pick your favorite Minted pillow fabric pattern, and then select your favorite color combination of that pattern. Awesome. Just tell your hubby that new throw pillows are a budget-friendly way to update your living room style!

Moms' Christmas Wish List - Custom printed designer throw pillows from Minted - Mommy Scene

Oh! Wow. Camera Ring Light - Moms' Christmas Wish List - Mommy Scene

Oh! Wow. Camera Ring Light

The Oh! Wow. Ring Light from Photojojo! creates an effect that’s just that — Oh! Wow. This ring flash or constant light fits right onto the hot shoe on your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera and attaches to the front of the lense. It has several sizing inserts that allow it to fit any lens. I primarily use it for my 35mm lens for portraits and product photos. The Oh! Wow Ring List is awesome! Before I had to set up my lighting to really get good indoor photos, but the ring light allows me to take great photos without harsh shadows in any room of my house, using just my camera. This Photojojo Ring Light offers even lighting that comes from around your lens, with 3 brightness options. The lowest option is plenty for my needs, which just shows how bright these LED lights are! The Oh! Wow. Ring Light is perfect for portraits, indoor party pictures, even macros. You can use it as a flash, or switch to constant mode for shooting video. You can even take it off your camera and place it anywhere you’d like a little extra light. If you love taking photos of your kids, an aspiring cook who does food photography, or want to make any of your candid photos look professional, I definitely recommend this light! Some of the best gift ideas for moms are “toys” that enhance their hobbies!

Photojojo! Oh! Wow. Camera Ring Light - Moms' Christmas Wish List - Mommy Scene

Oh! Wow. Camera Ring Light from Photojojo! review - Moms' Christmas Wish List - Mommy Scene

Yoro Naturals Naturally Moisturizing Skin Cream

This gift idea caters to a mom’s sense of well being. I have pretty bad eczema on my hands in the winter, requiring me to wear gloves while washing dishes and regularly moisturize with naturally formulated products. Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka honey-based skin cream is lovely. It’s made with Manuka honey and Manuka oil, blended with olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax and a touch of water, for a total of only 6 ingredients. It moisturizes where it counts, soothing eczema and dry skin without clogging your skin’s pores with fillers. Yoro Naturals Manuka skin cream is like a drink of water for my hands. It goes on smoothly, softens dry areas, and doesn’t feel greasy. Because it sits on your skin for a bit due to the oils, it’s best to apply before bed for long lasting moisturizing all night long. I even put it on my lips as a natural lip balm. Love. Yoro Naturals is also a Green Scene Mom Award winner!

Yoro Naturals Naturally Moisturizing Skin Cream - Moms' Christmas Wish List - Mommy Scene

Yoro Naturals Naturally Moisturizing Skin Cream review - Mommy Scene

Luxurious Java Skin Care

I love coffee right? So of course I’m going to love coffee based skin care. This stuff is amazing. It feels amazing, it smells amazing, and it’s made with natural ingredients infused with coffee. Java Skin Care products don’t have any artificial ingredients that could clog your pores or irritate the skin. Just the good stuff derived from coffee. Shop this delicious line of Java Skin Care »

Java skin care review - Moms' Christmas Wish List - Mommy Scene

Java Body Wash is enhanced with sweet almond and will increase circulation and deliver powerful antioxidants while providing a gentle clean to your skin.

Java Body Serum is packed with green coffee infused Organic argan oil, combined with botanical extracts to penetrate deeper than lotion into your skin and deliver targeted antioxidants. It has a light orange blossom fragrance.

Java Body Bar soap is made in small batches from nutrients that don’t strip the protective layer of oil from your skin. It’s blended with artisan roasted coffee and green coffee extract to reduce inflammation, boost cell turnover, and brighten and soften your skin.

Java Body Scrub is made of green coffee infused Organic argan oil & artisan roasted coffee blended with Organic raw sugar, sweet almond, rosemary and Vitamin E to exfoliate, detoxify, moisturize and soften skin. It offers a light fragrance of coffee & honey and quickly removes the superficial dead skin cells to reveal the fresh ones underneath, making your skin look more youthful.

Java Demitasse Lip Scrub is a delicious way to smooth and plump your lips naturally, using only five Organic ingredients; cane sugar, argan oil, ground roasted coffee, lemon rind, and ground green coffee.

Java Lip Balm smooths and protects your lips with Organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, argan oil infused with coffee, beeswax, lemon essential oil, and Vitamin E. It’s a delicious way to protect your lips against the winter’s dry conditions.

Java coffee based lip care - Mommy Scene review

Java coffee based skin care products review - Mommy Scene

Ninja Coffee Bar System

Speaking of coffee, you can mix up all kinds of coffee drinks with the Ninja Coffee Bar System. You can easily make a pot of regular coffee, mix up delicious lattes, or brew extra strong coffee to make perfect iced coffee (it makes amazing iced coffee!). The Ninja Coffee Bar System has many features and tools that take coffee to the next level. Cafe Forte amplifies your coffee to enhance the full-bodied complex flavor of your brew. It’s also designed to brew coffee fresh and hot over ice, leaving you with refreshingly chilled coffee that’s never watered down. The Ninja Coffee Bar System also has a built-in hot or cold milk frother that transform your milk to a silky microfoam, perfect for making lattes or adding a tasty touch to your morning coffee. You can select from 6 brew sizes, from single serve to brewing a whole carafe. Ninja’s Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology allows you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite ground coffee and enjoy a hot, great-tasting brew with variable levels of richness. Full review coming soon! Shop for the Ninja Coffee Bar System on Amazon »

Moms' Christmas Wish List - Ninja Coffee Bar System review - Mommy Scene

Aurorae Yoga Gear

If you’re a mom who enjoys the regular routine of going to the gym and working out (extra bonus if your gym offers child care!) Aurorae Yoga offers some great gift ideas that will make you feel pampered and contribute to your healthy lifestyle goals. Aurorae Yoga has beautiful printed yoga mats in a large variety of colors and darling printed backpacks to take your yoga mat, waterbottle, and a snack to the gym. Or tuck a towel inside and skip using the reused towels offered by the gym.

Moms' Christmas Gift List - Aurorae Yoga Gear - Mommy Scene

Aurorae Printed Yoga Mats come in numerous vibrant colors, with 5mm of thickness to protect your knees, joints and muscles, providing a perfect surface to grip the floor for your balance yoga poses. Aurorae’s printed yoga mats are made with an eco-friendly patented Polymer Environmental Resin that is toxin-free and available in a range of colors and patterns. These yoga mats are durable, lightweight, odorless and easy to wash and care for. Tuck your yoga mat into a Sling Yoga Backpack, made with a durable, heavy-duty Polyester with a specialized yoga mat-locker system that will securely hold your yoga mat in place. The interior has two compartments roomy enough to fit a towel, clothes, personal items, snacks, and even a laptop, with a front zipper pocket and side waterbottle pocket. This cute backpack is perfect to take anywhere your active lifestyle takes you! I love the colorful patterns and fashionable sling style.

Aurorae printed yoga mat - Mommy Scene

Moms' Christmas Gift List - Aurorae Yoga Gear printed yoga mats and sling backpack - Mommy Scene

Pregnancy & Postpartum Gifts for Moms

One of the perks of being pregnant during the holidays is receiving gifts for yourself and your baby. I personally love opening gifts for my baby, but stuff for myself is nice too.

An Embracing Belly Boostier from It’s You Babe offers a pregnant mother much-needed lumbar support by providing abdominal lift on your pregnant tummy. The last weeks of pregnancy are always the toughest for me because of belly discomfort during the day, heavy stomach muscles, baby kicking and bruised ribs, and many restless nights. This belly boostier is designed so you can wear it higher on your tummy for greater comfort and it does not press down while sitting.

Gifts for moms - Belly Boostier by It's You Babe - Mommy Scene review

Belly Boostier pregnancy support review - Mommy Scene - Gifts for moms

Back Buddy is an award-winning back support pillow, designed by a Chiropractor and a mother. This Back Buddy support pillow provides good support while sitting and helps relieve back pain. It provides the necessary support all the right areas while sitting and promotes good posture and proper position while breastfeeding. Back Buddy is also a Green Scene Mom Award Winner!

“The Back Buddy has been so helpful in preventing and relieving back pain while nursing my infant. It’s firm support helps me maintain good back posture and be in a proper position for getting a good latch while nursing. I keep it next to my bed and use it during night time feedings when keeping good posture and positioning can be challenging. I’ve also been using it on our couch during the day even when I’m not nursing because I find the back support it offers to be so comfortable! I will probably keep using this as a back support for bedtime reading, etc. when I’m done nursing. 🙂 I would say a Back Buddy support pillow is a must have for any mommas experiencing back pain related to nursing, and an awesome mommy gift idea!” – Karen, Mommy Scene contributor

Gifts for moms - Back Buddy support pillow review - Mommy Scene

I hope you’ve been inspired by my Christmas gift wish list for moms. Easily refer your hubby to your favorites on our mom’s wish list if he’s feeling a little stuck, or you can do what I do, and buy a few things for yourself and have your husband wrap them. Lol! Hey, it works for me and it works for him. Of course, my husband is bound to get me a few surprise gifts too. Happy holiday shopping!

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