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Refresh Kids Bedrooms with Color

Refresh Kids Bedrooms with Color

I enjoy cleaning up our home each season and freshening up some of our decor. It’s easy to inexpensively brighten up kids’ bedrooms with a few pops of color. I recently refreshed my daughter’s bedroom with new bedding, colorful curtains and a pretty painted accent wall.  Kids will love a new bedroom design and moms will love minimizing the cost of these easy updates!

Cute Kids Room decorate with colorful accent pillows - Mommy Scene

Brighten up a kid’s room with colorful bedding

New bedding is an easy way to refresh your child’s bedroom without spending a lot of money. A new comforter and sheets are fairly inexpensive, especially if you shop the sales. I picked up a pretty colorful chevron print bedspread for around $20. We choose the purple and aqua colors from the chevron print to coordinate with other decorative accents in the room.

Adding a plant in the bedroom brightens up the space by bringing the outdoors in. Sleep friendly plants help cleanse and freshen the air and are easy to keep.

Cute Kids Room colorful bedding - Mommy Scene

Paint a bright accent wall

When we moved into our new house, the first thing my daughter wanted to do was paint one of her bedroom walls. We usually paint 1 accent wall because it gives a child’s bedroom a pop of color without making the room feel small. Of course my daughter picked purple wall paint. This bright red wall is eye catching and coordinates with the red mirror and bright accent rug.

Cute Kids Room bright accent wall - Mommy Scene

Install Colorful Decorative Lighting

One of my favorite features about my girls’ room is their colorful chandelier. I ordered a simple chandelier from Amazon and added rainbow crystals to create an eye catching focal point in the room. Chandeliers are easy to install and they are a simple way to add some glamour to a child’s bedroom.

Cute Kids Room - Install decorative colorful lighting

Decorate with colorful details

This pretty green themed room is cheerful without feeling overwhelming. I love the leaf shade and bright green blankets and pillows. The painted shelves and drawer fronts are also ingenious!

Cute Kids Room add color with bright decorations and accents - Mommy Scene

Add a pop of color with wall decals

Colorful illustrated wall decals are easy to find in any style, character and size. My daughter would love this unicorn wall decal for her room. Notice the simplicity though, many gorgeous rooms have a simple design. Too many decorations make a kid’s bedroom feel cluttered.

Cute Kids Room add color with wall decals - Mommy Scene

Organize with a woven basket

Speaking of unicorns, these magical creatures have quickly become a favorite in our home. My girls can easily pick up their floor by storing all their stuffed animals and pals in this Lorena Canals woven basket. The floppy basket design quickly rounds out once filled with soft toys and the tassels around the edge are a gorgeous modern accent.

This 100% cotton basket is braided into it its circular shape and handmade. The tassels lend a casual and cheerful touch to this unfussy and fun design. You can even choose from 11 vibrant or pastel colors!

Lorena Canals toy basket - Mommy Scene

Decorate a bedroom with modern fabric patterns

These modern patterns give this room a whimsical vibe. I love the triangle wall paper underneath the bunk bed, which also coordinates with the Adventure and Brave wall art.

Cute Kids Room add color with modern prints - Mommy Scene

Hang a colorful pennant banner

Fabric pennant banners are easy to make or buy and add a modern pop of color to any bedroom. I’ve made several types of pennant banners for my kids’ bedrooms and party decorations. These colorful pennants coordinate perfectly with the brightly colored rug.

Cute Kids Room colorful pennant banner - Mommy Scene

Refresh your kid’s room with colorful curtains

Easily hang up colorful curtains to refresh your child’s bedroom design. These warm colored curtains contrast perfectly with the lavender wall paint. Pick an accent color for your curtains and add some other same-color decorations to the room to tie it all together.

Cute Kids Room add color with bright curtains - Mommy Scene

I love decorating, especially when my projects are simple and budget friendly. It’s easy to refresh kids’ bedrooms with color and your children can even be involved in the process. Which of these colorful bedroom design updates is your favorite?

Katie is a writer and influencer based in beautiful Coeur d’Alane, Idaho. She enjoys DIY projects, photography, decorating and going on family adventures. She feels blessed to be a wife, a stay-at-home mom to three kids and a Pacific Northwest lifestyle blogger.

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