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What Does the Fox Say? Treats, Crafts and Fashion

A catchy song and viral music video brought a shy woodland creature out of the woods and into the spotlight. Incidentally, the fox has become a trendy icon to use in decorating, party planning and fashion. It’s no surprise; this animal is mysterious, clever, cute and colorful. If you love foxes, you’ll enjoy our gift ideas and treats that could have been inspired by the song, what does the fox say?

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What Does the Fox Say Official Video

The what does the fox say song and music video inspired the social media world with its surreal musings and catchy tune. (Raking up 828,120,027+ views) But this song should also come with a warning. It will very likely get stuck in your head.

Foxes are adorable and mysterious. The what does the fox say viral video only seems to have encouraged the emerging woodland creature trend. Foxes are a popular theme for kid’s birthday parties, costume parties and even baby showers. It’s easy to see why. You can find foxes on t-shirts, baby onesies, jewelry, home decor, gifts and even cookies!

Awesome Fox Inspired Ideas

People have gotten really creative with making foxes the highlight of the party! These character cookies are simply adorable. I would love to practice my cookie decorating skills and be able to easily make these darling treats.

cute little fox sugar cookies

You can learn how to make these cute little fox sugar cookies here. Colorful character cookies are a fun addition to any party or picnic! You can customize sugar cookies to match your party theme or color scheme. Super cute and tasty!

Additionally, I’m amazed by these macarons! I recently took on the challenge of making macarons, which are fun and require lots of precision during the baking process. I can fully appreciate these darling fox macarons from Pinterest. They look delicious and they show off someone’s amazing artistry skills! I’d love to purchase some edible food coloring markers to add an artistic design to some of my own cookies and baked creations.

Artistic fox macarons

DIY Paper Fox Masks

When I plan a themed birthday party or play date, I love to include a simple kid’s activity in the festivities. These paper fox masks are a great kid’s project. To make DIY paper masks yourself, simply print out our free fox mask template onto cardstock. Kids can easily cut out the fox masks, glue on paper shapes to embellish them or just color on the masks with colored pencils, crayons or markers.

Easy DIY fox paper mask

Paper Fox Mask Printable!

You can make these cute paper masks with your own kids! Right click the template below and “save as” or “open in a new tab” to print off this free fox mask printable template. Kids will love customizing their own paper fox masks.

Printable fox paper mask template

What Does the Fox Say Apparel & Gifts

You don’t have to look too far to find t-shirts, socks and jewelry with foxes on them. A classy pair of character socks is sometimes all you need on a cold day to inspire a smile. I love colorful socks! These cute women’s socks could even be mixed and matched!

Fox ladies socks

Of course, anyone who loves foxes will love a what does the fox say t-shirt. Collecting and wearing clever t-shirts is the perfect way to show off your favorite trends and pop culture icons.

What does the fox say t-shirts

Gift a geometric origami necklace to your fox fanatic friend or choose a darling wood cut-out fox design notebook. The fox is an endearing character that adds a whimsical element to jewelry design, home decor, office supplies and more!

Add a touch of woodsy color to your home with woodland fox throw pillows and unique succulent planters. Succulents are one of my all time favorite plants and I never need an excuse to collect more! Succulents are also very easy to take care of. Your small house plants will look absolutely adorable in these pastel fox shaped planters!

Fox gift ideas and home decor

See our entire list of Fox Themed Gift Ideas on Amazon!

This gift idea list includes affiliate links which allows us to make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Fox Outfits and Accessories for Kids

Foxes and woodland animals have been a popular baby shower theme the last few years. You never know how trends come about, but inspirations such as the what does the fox say music video likely have an impact. Kids love dressing up almost as much as moms love dressing their kids up. How adorable is this fox hooded sleeper and fox character onesies?

Dress baby up to coordinate with the popular woodland theme in these what does the fox say onesie and adorable “brave” fox baby outfit.

A cute fox pacifier holder helps moms keep track of their baby’s pacifier while giving baby a soft plush pal to squeeze. The Sherwood cloth diaper cover from Buttons Diapers is a perfect baby essential to coordinate with your baby’s woodland themed wardrobe.

Fox themed baby gift ideas

What do you think? Is the fox here to stay? The woodland theme seems to be rather timeless and versatile to use in both sophisticated and cute decorating styles. Which is your favorite fox themed idea?

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