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Baby Girl Nursery Tour

Now that I am well into my third-trimester the “nesting” bug is in full force! I am desperate to have everything clean, organized, decorated and ready to go! I think I’m driving my husband nuts with our to do list 🙂 Good thing he loves me and knows how to handle me. Obviously my baby girl’s nursery is on the front of my mind these days. I wanted to give you all a little sneak peak tour of the nursery we’ve been preparing for our sweet girl! It’s not “Pinterest perfect.” It doesn’t look like a high end designer baby girl nursery. It won’t be featured in Baby Vogue (no I don’t think that really exists). But we put our love, time, hard work and thought into creating a cozy, safe and beautiful space to care for our little girl and that’s what is important. Being about a month out from my due date, it’s nice to feel like everything is ready to welcome Baby Girl home! So without further ado… welcome to our Baby Girl’s Nursery! Come on in, and I’ll show you around.

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - White crib with pink sheets and refurbished bookshelf with pink fabric in pink and gray baby room

Repurposed Baby Furniture

We started with what we had. I had an old dresser hand-me-down from my husband’s grandfather that was a bit worn and rather dated. Because it’s long and low, it makes a great candidate for a changing table + baby dresser! My sweet mother-in-law helped me re-paint this dresser. We looked up recipes for DIY chalk paint and got to work. I chose chalk paint because it didn’t require sanding before we started and I had heard chalk paint is fairly forgiving when painting furniture. Honestly we had no idea what we were doing but we looked up some tutorials online and gave it a try! I lightly sanded my painted dresser at the end and added a water-based polyurethane coating on top to make it a little more durable. I’m happy with how it turned out and I LOVE this Champagne Pink Rust-Oleum spray paint we found to give the hardware a pretty update! I didn’t spend much on extra decor items for the room, instead I repurposed items I already had. I spray painted some small frames I already owned with the leftover paint from the hardware and framed a photo of my grandmother (who Baby Girl will be named for) and also Baby Girl’s 20 week ultrasound photo. I threw my adorable Infanteenie Beenies bow-hats and some cute headbands in a glass apothecary jar I had; it now doubles as accessory storage and cute pink decor. And I framed a piece of leftover fabric from my bookshelf project in a old picture frame and I plan to use it as a little dry-erase message board. If you’re tight on funds for decorating your nursery just look around your home and see what you can give new life by repurposing!

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - White crib in a pink and gray baby room

Next we needed to figure out a place for our new baby to sleep. Originally I had thought we’d move our 20 month old son to a toddler bed and use his crib for baby girl, but after talking with my in-laws they offered to gift us a second crib for Baby Girl! This was a relief as I was not looking forward to training a toddler to stay in his bed and care for a newborn simultaneously! My son will have enough to get used to having a new baby sibling around so I’m happy he’ll get to stay in his own familiar crib for a little while longer. We needed a second crib mattress to go with our new crib and I am thrilled with this Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress we received!

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy-Scene - Newton Wovenaire Breathable Crib Mattress - The safest crib mattress is also washable!

Breathable Crib Mattress

This innovative crib mattress from Newton Living Inc. is completely breathable AND washable. It gives me a peace of mind knowing I don’t have to be afraid of my baby rolling onto her tummy and not being able to breathe. It’s perfectly firm and comfortably soft. I really appreciate that not only the outer cover can be removed and machine washed but the inner code (made from food-grade polymer) can also be thoroughly washed with soap and water. This is awesome, especially if you plan to reuse your mattress with multiple kids. Newton is leading the way in infant sleep safety. I truly think this is one of, if not the safest crib mattress out there. Learn more about the amazing Wovenaire technology inside Netwon breathable mattresses. We will have a full review of the Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress coming soon!

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - Cozy Pink Blanket Pouch from Revelae Kids

Cozy Swaddle Transition Blanket

It’ll be chilly when Baby Girl arrives this fall so for an extra layer of warmth I will be using these Revelae Kids Blanket Pouches (that the bunny is modeling for me). They are super soft and add just the right amount of extra warmth while staying put around baby’s waist to prevent suffocation hazards. As much as I want my baby girl nursery to be a beautiful place for my little girl I also want it to be a safe place and have put thought into that with the products I choose!

Baby Girl cozy enclosed sleeper from Revelae Kids

Revelae Kids also makes these zippered Cozy Sleeper swaddle transition blankets for babies which keep baby comfortable, warm and safe while they sleep.

I decided not to purchase a pre-assembled crib bedding set, but rather pieced together different items I liked to create a beautiful yet functional and safe sleeping space for Baby Girl. I love how this Gray BabeeTalk Crib Rail Cover looks with the pink crib sheets and white dust ruffle. The organic cotton material of the crib rail cover will keep teething baby girl from chewing up her crib rail but it also adds a nice soft touch to the whole look of the crib. Babee Talk has several cute prints and colors all made with baby-safe organic materials to choose from. Babee Talk is passionate about providing and creating awareness for safer, healthier baby products and educating parents on the importance of choosing Eco-friendly products for their families.

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - Babee Talk Gray Organic Crib Rail Cover

Probably my favorite pieces in this nursery are these gorgeous art-prints I ordered from Minted. Minted works with independent artists from all over the globe to offer a wide variety of gorgeous and unique artwork as well as fabrics, stationary, and more that you can customize and make your own. They offer not only beautiful art pieces to decorate your home but also textiles, home items, journals, stationary, and everything you’d need for a party or wedding from invites to place holders! I was so pleased with Minted’s customer service which was very helpful as chose items for my baby girl nursery, and also I was impressed with the care taken in packing each item. Everything arrived quickly and in beautiful condition.

Beautiful Nursery Art

Minted is a great way to shop for unique and personalized items to decorate your home while also supporting talented and budding artists all over the world. I really enjoyed browsing their website looking for just the right pieces for my little one’s nursery and I am so pleased with how my choices turned out! I love the delicate sweet butterflies in my “Papillons” print by Jocelyn Edin. I think this piece is so dreamy and just perfect for a baby girl nursery or bedroom! The 8×8 heart print was a customize-able piece titled “Love Like Mine” by Kimberly FitzSimons, where I was able to choose the exact quote I wanted and even add my baby girl’s name and information. Since she hasn’t been born yet I just put her birth year and name (name blurred out in photo). For both these pieces I ordered them to be framed in matching light gray metal frames. The frame and mounting is excellently done and came completely ready to hang.

Baby Girl nursery tour cute bookcase - Mommy Scene

Designing a Baby Girl Nursery

I also chose some beautiful soft pink fabric from to use in refurbishing my little bookshelf (pictured next to the crib in the earlier photo). I had an old beat up wooden bookshelf from my parent’s home that a friend helped me re-paint white (I’m 8 months pregnant and have all kinds of issues so I recruited some help for this one!). Instead of painting the backing I decided to use fabric and cardboard to give the bookshelf some life! By wrapping cut cardboard pieces in fabric I can gave this bookshelf a new look and yet I can easily swap out the fabric later on if I decide to use this bookshelf elsewhere. It was super easy to do and I only need 1 yard of fabric. I love these metal storage bins I found from Design Ideas for holding baby linens and swaddles, they are both pretty and functional.

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - Unique and high quality fabric from - Pink Wedding Arabesque design

Can I just say how much I LOVE this fabric print design? It’s called “Wedding Arabesque” and I think it’s just the perfect feminine touch for this baby girl nursery. The quality of fabric is excellent, I wish I had ordered more to make some coordinating pillows. If you are decorating any room in your home or planning a wedding, party, or just looking for a thoughtful unique gift for someone, I highly recommend checking out They have such great variety to offer from amazing artists all over the world and I especially love their collection of kid’s room and baby nursery art work, so much of which you can customize to add a sweet personal touch to your decorated space.

I can’t forget to show you this special chair where I will spending most of time in the early days with Baby Girl. While I was nursing my son I lived in the glider we borrowed from a friend to use in his nursery. He was a slow eater and nursing was a painful learning process for both of us. However it sure made our bond deeper and I am so thankful I was able to stick with it until it became a pleasant and special time for baby boy and I. I wanted to create another space that is comfortable and convenient for me as I start the newborn nursing journey over again. We didn’t have budget to purchase a new glider so I am re-using the rocking chair my mom used with her babies. I added some comfy padding and found a matching ottoman so I can put my feet up while nursing to make it as cozy as possible. The ottoman doubles as extra storage space to keep my nursing equipment like burp rags, nipple balms, nursing pads, etc. close at hand and positing the whole chair in the corner near the dresser allows me to have my coffee cup…er, I mean water bottle…within reach too. I am so anxious to put this rocker to use cuddling my baby girl in my arms!

Baby Girl Nursery Tour - Mommy Scene - Toddler rocking his bunny in a wooden rocking chair with gray cushions

In just over 1 month we will be bringing home our baby girl. I’m not sure I can put into words just how excited I am to meet her, how anxious I am to hold her in my arms and yet how simultaneously terrified I am of having a newborn and a toddler under the same roof! The first few months with our first born were some of the most difficult we’ve ever gone though. I had a rough recovery in addition to all the unknowns and adjustments of entering the world of parenthood. This time may be less stressful in some ways since everything isn’t totally new, however there will be all-new challenges of caring for 2 little ones at the same time. We’ve been talking to my son a lot about the coming “Baby Sister” and about being a big helper to Mommy (special thank you Daniel Tiger for your episodes about Daniel becoming a big brother!). Though he really has no idea how much his world is about to change, I think he’s warming up to the idea of babies in general at least. He’s started taking his stuffed animals and wrapping them in blankets and feeding them or putting them to bed and he’s always eager to help bring me things or help clean up messes. He is all-boy and loves dirt, bugs and being wild but I am really love seeing this tender and caring side of him! I really think he will be a gentle and loving big brother to his little sister (though he’ll probably dump his cars on her and steal her toys too).

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my mommy life and maybe even found some inspiration for creating your own special baby girl nursery! I really love my art pieces and fabric from and Revelae Kids Cozy Sleepers & Blanket Pouches.

Karen and her husband of 7 years have one active but very sweet toddler boy and a happy baby girl. She loves being mommy, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling and trying new things.

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Beth Bishop
Beth Bishop
3 years ago

Thanks so much for the helpful post! My son has down syndrome and is 3 months old today. I have been trying to figure out what to get him for Chritmas for weeks now. I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions!

Elise Cohen Ho
Elise Cohen Ho
4 years ago

The nursery is just beautiful.