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How To Organize Baby Clothes

Does your house feel like an endless mess of baby clothes, accessories, kids’ shoes and toys? We’ve had to get creative to organize baby clothes. These crafty ideas for organizing baby clothes and accessories can easily help cut the clutter! Many of these DIY baby clothes storage ideas are easy to make from recycled or re-purposed items. Moms will have fun customizing these creative ways to organize baby clothes.

Modern Clothing Cart

A cute baby clothes cart offers great storage for tiny baby clothes and accessories. This clever idea to organize baby clothes is a modern decorative accent for your baby’s nursery too! Buy this clothes cart on Amazon.You can store pairs of tiny shoes in one bin, keep baby onesies clean in another bin, and organize burp cloths and diaper cream in the bottom.

Cute Baby Hair Accessory Organizer

You can easily make a chic baby girl headband storage rack from re-purposed wood. Customize this headband display to match your style by painting it a color or preserving the natural wood look. After all, it’s so much fun to accessorize your baby girl. A DIY headband rack makes it easy to find the exact headband accessory you are looking for!

How to organize baby clothes headband storage rack

Unique Wood Baby Clothing Rack

Another great idea; a wooden branch clothing rack that has a boho design and whimsical details. Moms might find it to be a little tricky to keep clothing organized and pretty with an active toddler around. However, this branch-inspired clothes rack is a darling idea to organize baby clothes.

How to organize baby clothes wooden branch clothing rack

Shoe Holder Cloth Diaper Storage

An over the door shoe organizer is an innovative baby clothing storage idea for storing cloth diapers. A shoe organizer is also very cost effective and makes it easy to grab a clean cloth diaper. Shop shoe organizers on Amazon. Moms who love cloth diapering will love being able to see all their pretty cloth diaper patterns displayed in such a neat way. You could organize cloth diaper covers by color, pattern and style.

How to organize baby clothes shoe holder cloth diaper storage

Clothing Storage Bins To Organize Baby Clothes

Clothing storage bins are available in tons of styles, sizes and materials. For instance, metal, cloth and canvas storage bins are a great way to organize small baby accessories. Storage bins can also help you maximize the space in your closet.

How to organize baby clothes with storage bins

Similarly, smaller bins in drawers are a good way to organize baby items such as diaper covers, socks, teethers and hair accessories. You can roll up baby onesies to keep them wrinkle free and maximize your drawer space. Shop canvas bins on Amazon.

How to organize baby clothes labeling dresser drawers

Cute Dresser Clothing Labels

This idea to organize baby clothes is ingenious! Label your child’s dresser drawers to create a whimsical and practical way to organize their clothes. You can even paint the labels directly on the drawers with chalk paint! Drawer labels are a cute child’s room decoration and simple way to stay organized.

How to organize baby clothes with labeled dresser drawers

Darling Dress Up Space

Transform a small armoire into a dress up wardrobe to keep dresses and accessories organized. A kid-sized wardrobe offers several benefits; as your child gets older, they can play dress up and clean up afterwards! Also, you can design a dress up wardrobe any style you’d like, with modern and straight edges or curvy, ornate details. Finally, girls will love having a place for all their dress up things that they can organize themselves.

How to organize baby clothes dress up wardrobe

Eco-Friendly Clothes Hangers

Finally, it’s important to organize your closet too! We typically hang up little girl dresses and some of baby’s nicer clothing items. Little Dundi Eco-friendly hangers are a darling way to go green in your child’s closet. These colorful cardboard hangers are much higher quality than standard plastic hangers. The sturdy cardboard is decorated with cheerful patterns printed with water-based inks.

Cute Little Dundi recycled clothes hangers

Little Dundi offers a variety of Eco-friendly patterned cardboard hangers. I received a few sets of hangers for review that are decorated with cute little monsters, airplanes, foxes and floral patterns. These hangers are sized to fit newborn to 5T clothes. I currently use them for my 3-month-old’s clothing and my 16-month-old’s dresses. They easily slip into the necklines of clothing items and grip the fabric just as well as standard hangers.

Little Dundi recycled clothes hangers review

How do you organize your baby clothes? We hope you can benefit from some of these ideas to get organized in your own home!

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2 years ago

That is some really great idea. My child’s room is so messy, both with clothing and toys.
We bought this one for his cars, and it is a lifesaver:

4 years ago

These are great ideas for organizing all those tiny things!

4 years ago

You have some great ideas