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Simple Pampering Tips for Moms-to-Be

Being pregnant is a joy as you anticipate bringing a new little bundle into the world! It can also be tiring and uncomfortable at times as your body is being stretched (literally)! It’s important to take care of your body, beginning with the first trimester when morning sickness hits all the way through the 9th month when your body feels like it’s at its limit. These tips for pampering your changing body can help you enjoy the unique stage of pregnancy.

Tip #1: Dress comfortably

Dressing comfortably for your growing baby bump is my number one tip for staying comfortable. Pamper yourself with quality maternity clothing like these leggings from RUMI X eco-friendly active wear. The contoured belly panel can be folded down or worn over-the-belly, depending on your personal preference. These leggings are ideal for yoga, Pilates, barre, or just staying comfortable at home.

Made for the modern mom, RUMI X designs are breathable, flattering and eco-friendly comprised from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. The resulting unique fabric allows for maximum odor control, a dry-fast texture, UV protection and breathability.

Rumi X Coffee Grounds eco-friendly activewear - Mommy Scene

Tip #2: Listen to music that relaxes or encourages you

Music is part of my daily routine, whether I am pregnant or not. Music can calm, energize, and encourage. These earbud adapters utilize your existing earbuds to become baby bump speakers. You can easily play music for your little one even before they are born! These Bellytunes adapters come with changable silicone pads so that you can adhere them to you belly for hands-free listening for baby.

Rumi X Coffee Grounds maternity activewear and Bellytunes ear bud adapter - Mommy Scene

Rumi X eco-friendly maternity activewear and Bellytunes ear bud adapter - Mommy Scene

Tip #3: Use luxurious & natural body care products!

I love trying new body products, especially when I’m feeling weary. Earth Mama has so many natural products for expecting and new moms. I received the Pregnancy Essentials Bundle and I think it is amazing! The natural scents are refreshing and make me feel pampered after a busy day.

Earth Mama natural maternity products - Mommy Scene

The Pregnancy Essentials Bundle includes natural products formulated especially for pregnant or new moms!

  • Morning Wellness Spray features a Ginger Citrus scent helpful for combating nausea or anxiety. Spray in the air, on your wrist, or on linens for mama or baby.
  • Happy Mama Body Wash is a citrus Castile-based body wash also with a citrus scent that is uplifting and helps combat nausea.
  • Mama-to-be Tea Sampler includes 4 delicious teas for mama-to-be. Start (or end) your day with a hot cup of tea!
  • Mint Herbal Lip Balm is all-natural VERY moisturizing lip balm with a refreshing scent (again, helpful for morning sickness!).
  • Earth Mama Body Butter moisturizes and relieves stretching skin during pregnancy. Keeping your skin moisturized can help with comfort and prevent stretch marks. This body butter has a very light scent – almost unscented.
  • Natural Stretch Oil eases the appearance of stretch marks and is a great after-shower moisturizer with a light citrus scent.

Earth Mama maternity products for moms to be - Mommy Scene

These tips have helped me feel pampered during my pregnancy with baby #4. I’m enjoying those tiny flutters and kicks as I experience the miracle of being pregnant and I can’t wait to meet my sweet baby! Pregnancy is a special time of life for both baby and mama. We’d love to hear your favorite pampering tips in the comments below!

Earth Mama natural products for moms to be - Mommy Scene

Pampering tips for new moms and moms to be - Mommy Scene

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas about pampering a mama-to-be. I’m going to be a mother. Your blog will be of great help to me!

3 years ago

These are lovely tips to pamper a mama-to- be!!!! The Earth Mama products would make a wonderful baby shower gift 🙂

3 years ago

The bellytunes is so sweet. Our baby listened to music in the NICU and it was amazing how he reacted so differently when it was on. I would have loved to have the bellytunes when he was in my belly.

Gayle | The Ever Simple Mom
Gayle | The Ever Simple Mom
3 years ago

I started wearing comfy clothes when I was pregnant and have never looked back! So important to take care of yourself during your pregnancy.