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Easy Watermelon Fruit Bowl for Parties & BBQs

Summer memories are not complete without good friends and yummy food. This watermelon fruit bowl is a creative idea to add color and delicious flavor to any party, BBQ or get together. In just a few easy steps, you can turn a watermelon rind into a clever bowl to hold fresh fruit salad!

Easy watermelon fruit bowl for a party or BBQ

To make a watermelon fruit bowl, first you need a medium to large watermelon. Begin by cutting the watermelon in half using a large knife. Next, use a smaller knife to cut the inside of the watermelon into cubes, creating a grid-like pattern. Scoop out the watermelon cubes using a spoon and place them in a separate bowl.

How to cut a watermelon fruit bowl

Watermelon Cutting Tips

A few attention-to-detail things are required to make a really nice watermelon fruit bowl.

  1. First, you’ll want to make sure you cleanly cut the watermelon in half, without any jagged edges. Using a large knife really helps for this step.
  2. Next, make sure you don’t cut into the rind when you are cutting out the interior of the watermelon. A clean edge will create a pretty border around the watermelon fruit bowl.
  3. Finally, it’s helpful to scoop out the watermelon as closely to the rind as possible. You may end up with a bowl of watermelon scrapings, which you can snack on.

Furthermore, to keep the salad looking nice, use only the watermelon cubes in the fruit salad.

Beautiful DIY watermelon fruit bowl

Last but not least, you can decorate the edge of the watermelon fruit bowl by cutting a zig-zag pattern in the rind. Use a small paring knife for this step and pay careful attention to detail. If you make each zig-zag evenly spaced and similar in size, your watermelon fruit bowl will look very neat and pretty.

Fill your watermelon fruit bowl with cubed pieces of watermelon, berries, grapes, cubed pineapple and more. Fruit that contrasts the red color of the watermelon will especially stand out in your fruit salad.

DIY watermelon fruit bowl cutting tips

Fruit Salad Combinations

I love making fruit salad using all sorts of fresh seasonal fruits! Some fruits need to be cut right before you serve, while other fruits can be cut further in advance.

Watermelon, grapes, and pineapple are summer flavors that go together well. You can cut up these fruits the day before a party and they’ll still taste fresh. Add ripe blueberries and orange slices to create a rainbow fruit salad!

Bananas and apples quickly turn brown after cutting, so it’s best to cut these fruits right before serving. I often mix sliced bananas with cubed strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Cubed oranges, mango and pineapple make a delicious tropical fruit salad. These fruits require a bit more preparation to remove the orange peels, mango skin, and prickly pineapple rind. Furthermore, mangos and pineapple have a hard inner core, which you have to cut around. Despite the extra work, tropical fruit salad is delicious and perfect for a summer party!

Easy watermelon fruit bowl for parties and BBQs

I hope you enjoy making a pretty watermelon fruit bowl for your summer parties and group events! This eye-catching fruit salad is a fun way to repurpose the watermelon rind. Once you’ve created the bowl, you can customize your fruit salad with all sorts of delicious summer fruits.

How to cut a fruit bowl from a watermelon


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