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Buttons Diapers Wet and Dry Bags

Why We Love Them

Buttons Diapers wet and dry bags make it easy to take cloth diapering on the go. They come in four sizes to hang on your door and take in your diaper bag. Made from the same PUL as Buttons cloth diapers, these wet bags have durable straps for hanging and zipper closures for keeping the smell and moisture inside the bag.

Buttons Hanging Wet/Dry Bag – The double pocket keeps clean and soiled diapers separate and the sturdy straps are ideal for hanging on strollers, doorknobs or hooks. Featuring two pockets; one pocket holds your clean cloth diapers while the other holds the dirty ones. Measures 13.5″ x 24″.

Buttons Wet Bags are made of stain and water resistant PUL with interior rolled seams to prevent leaks and sturdy hanging straps. Available in three sizes: Small 10″ x 10″, Medium 13.5″ x 14.5″ and Large 13.5″ x 24″. Each bag closes with a zipper.

These modern cloth dapering wet bags are handy to slip into your diaper bag to hold wet clothes, diapers and swimsuits. A reliable wet bag is essential to hold wet clothing items on the go. Buttons Diapers wet bags come in a variety of sizes and are made from the same material as their modern cloth diapers. These wet bags also come in some of our favorite prints; Meadow, Charming, and the adorably floral Afternoon Tea print. The hanging wet/dry bag perfectly hangs on a nursery door to hold the soiled diaper stash at home. The zipper closure effectively keeps any odors inside the bag.

2016 Winter Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
4 stars Design & Innovation

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