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Buttons Diapers Wool Dryer Balls

Why We Love Them

Wool Dryer Balls are a Eco-friendly laundry essential for keeping your clothes soft and lofty. They are reusable and don’t create lint in the dryer, or damage/wear to your clothes. Buttons Diapers dryer balls are made from 100% New Zealand Wool and even shorten drying time. Buttons Wool Dryer Balls last for thousands of laundry loads and effectively replace disposable dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners.

These generously sized woolly balls help save money and energy, by replacing disposable dryer products and reducing drying time. Buttons Diapers dryer balls soften and fluff fabric, ideal for keeping bed sheets untangled and cloth diapers soft and lofty. They are soft and gentle on clothing and they don’t bang around in the dryer.

2016 Winter Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
4 stars Design & Innovation

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