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American Girl Doll Kitchen Review

My daughter Kiera loves helping me out in the kitchen. Just this summer, she helped make several batches of cupcakes and cookies. Because of her love for baking, Kiera was ecstatic to hear about American Girl’s new kitchen play set. As the cherry on top, American Girl sent us the set to review! We are thrilled to share all the details about the new American Girl doll kitchen. We’ve also included some highlights of other sets American Girl released this summer and fall 2020.

American Girl doll kitchen review summer 2020

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American Girl Kitchen Video Review!

Inspiring Girls to Cook

The American Girl brand has always been great at inspiring girls to develop their dreams and learn new skills. Through reading the storybooks and playing with the doll sets, my two daughters love learning about the American Girl characters.

This American Girl kitchen has all the accessories to create a beautiful culinary space for 18″ dolls. Stocked with play food and tiny kitchen utensils, it’s the perfect interactive play set for girls who love to cook and bake! The doll kitchen comes in two main sections; a countertop island with a sink and a refrigerator connected next to the stove and oven. Both of these kitchen segments are surprisingly heavy and very good quality, even down to the tiniest knob. Kiera really enjoyed opening all the accessories and adorable miniature kitchen utensils.

American Girl doll kitchen unboxing and review

American Girl kitchen sink and counter island review

American Girl Baking Station

This American Girl kitchen comes with all the things to pretend you and your doll are baking together. The set includes tiny canisters filled with white glitter, labeled flour and sugar. Girls can use the tiny mixer (with two different mixing attachments) to mix up cake batter in the miniature bowl. Next, they can measure out dry ingredients with the tiny measuring cups and measuring spoons. Finally, girls can slide a pie into the oven, or remove it from the oven and serve up a slice on small plates with tiny forks.

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American Girl doll kitchen sugar and flower containers with glitter

Play kitchen from American Girl with doll sized food and utensils

Food Fit for American Girl Dolls

Alternately, if you don’t feel like baking sweets, you can always make your doll and her friends a pizza or a stack of pancakes! The American Girl kitchen released in Summer 2020 comes with an assortment of adorable play food. Inside the fridge, girls can store the carton of milk, butter, eggs, pitcher of lemonade, fresh lemons, cheese, bag of salad, salad dressing, maple syrup and more! Of course, girls can use any of this food to make their American Girl doll a splendid lunch or a picnic for friends. All the American Girl play food is super adorable and detailed with the typical signature American Girl quality.

American Girl kitchen baking supplies product review summer 2020

American Girl kitchen play set review summer 2020

American Girl Kitchen Supplies

The American Girl kitchen comes with the following items.

  • Refrigerator and an ice maker with two ice cubes.
  • Stove with four burners.
  • Kitchen island counter and sink with cabinets and small drawers.
  • Baking supplies, including stand mixer that spins, two mixer attachments, pie pan, pizza pan, pizza box, pizza cutter, mixing bowl, spatula, whisk, mixing spoon, set of measuring cups and measuring spoons.
  • Kitchen supplies including cheese grater, frying pan, a stock pot and kettle.
  • Food you can bake in the oven, including a color-changing pie, and a color-changing pizza.
  • Breakfast food including box of pancake mix, a short stack of pancakes with butter, a bottle of syrup, a fried egg, six eggs in a carton, two slices of bacon, a bacon box, and a butter dish.
  • Fresh food & drinks including lemons, wedge of cheese, bag of salad, salad dressing, jug of milk, pitcher of lemonade, and four ice pops.
  • Floral apron and a matching hot pad, dish towel, calendar, and grocery list.
  • Spice jars, a salt grinder, pepper grinder, flour container and sugar container.
  • Place settings for two including plates, forks, spoons, knives, and drinking glasses.
  • Kitchen rug with a cute purple pattern.

American Girl doll kitchen review cooking supplies and play food

Realistic Play Experience

This American Girl kitchen is very interactive in that it inspires girls to practice cooking through play. Many of the kitchen appliances make sounds or light up. One of the stove burners makes the sound of boiling water when you put a pot on the stove. Another burner makes the sound of a whistling kettle when you put the kettle on. The oven dings when the pizza or pie is done, and the pizza and pie changes color after being in the oven!

American Girl doll kitchen oven and stove makes sounds

These fun details set this American Girl doll kitchen apart from other play sets. Even the ice machine works by dispensing two small pieces of play ice, and makes the sound of pouring water. Finally, the refrigerator light turns on when the door is opened.

American Girl doll kitchen light up refrigerator and stove

Overall, the American Girl kitchen is a really fun set for girls to pretend cooking with. This toy set is just one of American Girl’s recent releases that inspire imaginative play for girls!

Summer & Fall 2020 American Girl Releases

American Girl released a lot of different sets this summer, including a Student Council Election set, summer Olympics doll outfits and back to school gear! Here are just a few of our favorite new releases from American Girl.

Joss Kendrick 2020 American Girl of the Year doll and accessories

Joss Kendrick

Meet Joss Kendrick, the 2020 American Girl of the Year. Joss loves surfing and she also wants to try out cheerleading. She’s American Girl’s first character with a hearing aid. Her book stories inspire girls to keep persevering even through difficulties and challenges. The 18″ Joss doll has brown eyes and long layered brown hair. Her add-on sets include outfits and accessories for both surfing and cheer.

American Girl student council election set

Student Council Election

This class president election set is a great way to teach kids about what elections are. Student council is also a great way for kids to learn how democracy works. Girls can set up this ballot box and practice casting their vote and running an election campaign!

Back to School with the WellieWishers

Last but not least, girls can get ready for back to school with the WellieWishers pals! The new school year is the perfect time to get a new backpack, new school supplies and a few new outfits. American Girl’s WellieWishers school inspired sets are perfect for encouraging girls to get ready to learn!

Back to School with the WellieWishers

We love all of American Girl’s new product releases this Summer and Fall 2020. My girls Kiera and Sylvie always enjoy adding new outfits and accessories to their existing American Girl and WellieWishers collections. Of course, these darling play sets make perfect gift ideas for birthdays and the upcoming holidays!


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