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Family Adventure in Wales | VIDEO

Wales is a beautiful place in the United Kingdom! We spent a few days in Wales during our family’s trip to the UK in 2022. Our family hiked to an amazing waterfall on the Four Waterfalls Walk in Brecon Beacon National Park. We also explored Caldicot Castle and went on a self-guided tour of the grounds. Finally, we stayed overnight in a double decker bus though Airbnb. Here are the highlights from our adventures in Wales.

Four Waterfalls Walk, Sgwd yr Eira, Wales

Four Waterfalls Walk

We found an amazing place to explore in Brecon Beacons National Park. The Four Waterfalls Walk is a very easy path that meanders through the sunlit forest and beside fields with grazing sheep. We wore good hiking shoes and brought water and snacks, but really this “hike” was just an extended walk. We ended up going to the biggest waterfall, Sgwd yr Eira, which has a narrow path behind the cascading water. Our kids loved walking behind the waterfall and exploring this beautiful destination in Wales.

Porth yr Ogof Cave Brecon Beacons National Park Wales

Porth yr Ogof Cave

Near the Four Waterfalls Walk, we stopped by Porth yr Ogof cave in Brecon Beacons National Park. We only ventured a little ways into the cave to check it out. To go on a full cave tour, we would have needed warmer clothing, waterproof shoes, jackets and headlamps. This wet cave has more than 15 entrances and is open to the public for exploration. Porth yr Ogof is often used to teach beginners about caving. We saw a few groups of school children going on cave tours. The students were outfitted in waterproof jumpsuits and wellies.

Porth yr Ogof Cave in Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

Porth yr Ogof is a very cool cave to view in person, even if you just walk along the dry path and view the entrance.

Inside Porth yr Ogof Cave in Brecon Beacons National Park Wales

View looking out of the cave entrance of Porth yr Ogof, in Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Overnight in a Double Decker Bus

One night in Wales, we stayed in a double decker bus, which we reserved through Airbnb. This renovated bus was parked in the countryside, near picturesque fields and forest. We visited Wales in September, and the weather was clear and chilly. Dolly Double D was a great place for our family of 5 to stop for the night and recharge for another day of adventuring.

Overnight in a double decker bus in Wales

The inside of the bus looked like a cozy apartment, with a kitchen, eating area, sitting area and a small wood stove. I really enjoyed seeing how this bus was converted. Instead of rows of seats, the first floor had everything needed to create a comfy living space.

Airbnb double decker bus in Wales

Up the stairs to the second level, we discovered the bunk room on one end of the bus, and the master bedroom on the other end of the bus. Cheerful yellow painted railings complemented the black and white decor and bedding to create a welcoming space.

Upstairs converted double decker bus Airbnb

Our kids had a lot of fun sleeping in the double decker bus bunk room, and they had plenty of space to spread out.

This bus did not have a bathroom, but we had easy access to the nearby bathhouse, which also had a shower. Needing to walk to the bathroom made this experience feel a bit like camping.

Bunkroom Airbnb converted bus in Wales

The next morning, my husband Andy made coffee, eggs and sausage for breakfast. Our kids did some pages in their homeschool workbooks. The bus eating area nicely accommodated both breakfast and schoolwork, with enough seats for our family of 5. Overall, we really enjoyed our overnight stay in this Airbnb double decker bus.

Breakfast in converted double decker bus in Wales

Exploring Caldicot Castle

Last but not least, we explored Caldicot Castle during our few days in Wales. This castle was by far one of my favorite castle experiences. Our self-guided tour allowed us to check out the towers and grounds at our own pace. We saw amazing views from the towers, peered into the meager dungeon, explored the great hall, and went on a very nice walk outside the walls.

Caldicot Castle exploring with kids in Wales

I liked the fun medieval-inspired decor we found throughout the castle. Our kids even tried on dress-up outfits in the banquet hall. Caldicot Castle is perfectly set up for families to explore. At the time of our visit in fall 2022, entry was free during the castle’s open ours.

Caldicot Castle gatehouse in Wales

This restored Norman castle is a very cool place to visit. See our full post which contains more photos and details from our Caldicot Castle tour in Wales.

Stone walls Caldicot Castle Wales UK

Beautiful countryside surrounds the restored walls of Caldicot Castle in Wales.

Norman castle Caldicot in Wales United Kingdom

Our family had a great time exploring Wales on our way through the United Kingdom. Next, we rented a Narrowboat in Central England and took it down the Grand Union canal. Through our trip, we tried to choose experiences and activities that our kids would enjoy and learn from. I think we definitely accomplished that and made some great memories.


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