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Phoenix, Arizona | RV Camping & Kids Activities

We’ve discovered that family adventures are a great way to make memories with our kids, in every stage of life. This year (2021) in January, we headed down to Arizona on a 3-month RV trip with our three kids and our cat, Frankie. We stayed in more than 15 places in Arizona including RV campsites, national forests, state parks and even boondocked in the desert. Our favorite activities while RV camping include hiking, exploring nearby towns, enjoying the local scenery and doing fun activities with our kids.

We found so many things to do near Phoenix, Arizona! Follow us as we explore Phoenix, camp at awesome camp sites and boondock in our RV in the Arizona desert.

Video! Phoenix, Arizona Family RV Adventure

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RV camping at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona RV Trip Highlights

Once we arrived in Arizona, we set up camp at Lost Dutchman State Park. This campground was one of our favorite spots near Phoenix. We went on a scenic hike on Siphon Draw Trail, right next to our RV camp site. We also explored many of the hiking trails around the campground. Our kids loved seeing lots of tall saguaro cactus up close.

Next, we camped at Usery Mountain Regional Park. Our spacious camp site was surrounded by many spiky desert plants, including saguaro cacti and jumping cholla plants. We also experienced a hail storm and snow storm in the desert!

RV camping at Usery Mountain Regional Park in Arizona

Fun Kids Activities near Phoenix, Arizona

We also tried out some fun kids activities during our stay near Phoenix, Arizona. You can find our whole list of Phoenix, AZ kids activities here.

Our kids really enjoyed scaling the climbing walls at Uptown Jungle in Mesa, Arizona. They also explored the huge kids jungle gym, obstacle courses and ball pits.

Pioneer Park on Main Street in Mesa, Arizona has an awesome slide and plenty of jungle gym pathways for kids to explore! See us all go down the twisty slide in our Phoenix adventure video!

At Arizona Museum of National History, we learned about Arizona’s natural and cultural history. Our kids panned for gold and even visited the cells of the old Mesa territory jail. Our favorite exhibit was all about dinosaurs and local excavations!

Rush Fun Park is another great indoor kids activity center with climbing walls, slides, play structures, obstacle courses, trampolines and foam pits.

We also enjoyed an afternoon at Superstition Mountain Museum. We learned about the Lost Dutchman gold mine and learned a little about Arizona’s wild west history. Our kids really enjoyed seeing the large electric train display and sitting in a stage coach.

Superstition Mountain Museum family visit in Arizona

Everyday RV Family Life

Finally, we enjoyed plenty of regular days on the road. Our family did homeschool in the mornings and went on family hikes in the afternoons. We tried to space out paid activities with free family adventures and scenic drives.

Next on our RV adventure, our family headed to Tucson, Arizona. We camped near Saguaro National Park and Catalina State Park and discovered many places to explore along the way!

Hiking with kids Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona

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