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Pros and Cons of Taking Your Kids On Vacation

Pros and Cons of Taking Your Kids On Vacation

Taking your kids on vacation can be one of the most positive things you can do to improve your bond as a family. No matter how tight-knit you and your gang are, a family vacation allows you to create lifelong memories and joy.

That’s why 35 percent of Americans are planning to take a family vacation this year. But traveling with kids and going on vacation with kids are two very distinct things.

There are certainly merits to traveling long-term with your little ones, but in reality, you need to do a few dummy run holidays to get a grip of the logistics of being on the road as a family.

There is certainly a time and a place for a romantic couples holiday, and just because you’ve created a wonderful family doesn’t mean that these occasions need to stop. If you’re talking about taking your kids on vacation, however, you need to shift your focus on to it being a family-orientated holiday rather than a couple’s getaway, where the kids come along for the ride.

Your trip needs to put family first

Knowing what you’re booking and the type of experience you choose goes a long way towards helping to manage expectations of a family vacation. A luxury hotel is very different from a camping trip, after all.

But generally, a few rules remain the same. These pros and cons of taking your kids on a family vacation can help you plan the ideal trip for your family.

Family Vacation Pros

There are so many positive things about taking your kids on vacation. Here they are at a glance:

Family time

This is the key factor in taking your kids on vacation with you; being able to spend time together as a family.

We all live such busy and hectic lives that we become like ships in the night, even with our own children. With extra-curricular activities on every night of the week and throughout the weekend, it seems at times that as parents we are just taxi drivers and cheerleaders. By taking your kids on vacation, you can escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life and reconnect, bond and grow as a family.

Making memories together is one of the most valuable things you will ever do with your children, and a family holiday is a perfect situation to make this happen.

You get to relax

Your children get the opportunity to discover who you are and what you enjoy. The hectic schedule of daily life can make parents feel like they do nothing but enforce routines. A vacation provides a break from the routine.

A family vacation is a great opportunity for your children to see you relaxed and become more of your true self.

California fern canyon family hike - Mommy Scene

Try something new

Traveling as a couple means that you stick to what you like to do as a duo, but adding the kids into the mix opens up new vacation options.

Yes, we would all love to lay in the sun for two weeks and move little further than from the restaurant to the bedroom, but the kids need more than that. Camping holidays, theme park resorts, family all-inclusives or adventure trips are perfect for children and allow you to experience new things too.

There is nothing better than getting outside as a family and making your own style of fun.

Opportunities to learn

A day that may be ‘just another day at the beach’ for you is an exciting and adventure-fueled day for your children.

Kids get to run, jump and play and learn outside the classroom. Get involved with your children too, encourage them to explore and teach them about nature. These are just some of the things you and your children can do in the great outdoors on vacation.

Whether you’re holidaying just down the road or jetting off to a far away place, there’s going to be so much to do and learn about.

Family Travel Cons

Learning, making memories and family time are all great but what are the cons of taking your kids on vacation? Well, there are definitely at least a few.

Preparation and travel time

Gone are the days you could sling a week’s worth of clothes in a bag and fly away.

Traveling with kids means you need to do a little more planning and bring more stuff with you. If you are on a long haul flight, make sure you pack plenty of stuff to keep kids entertained. Although the plane has a movie channel, a few small toys and coloring books will help break up the travel time for kids.


Depending on your style of holiday your kids may get bored, tired and disengaged. If you are a lover of fine art and want to take your children to Florence in Italy that’s great but make sure you have some ideas to barter with them.

The promise of ice cream will only get you so far.

California beach family vacation - Mommy Scene

Limits on destinations

You can’t fly too far and you have to go somewhere with interesting activities for kids. Traveling with kids also introduces a whole new set of worries.

What if your kid gets lost somewhere where locals don’t speak the same language? What if you end up somewhere unsafe and get in danger? What happens if you get to your destination and your kids hate it?

This is why family vacations are mostly geared towards kids. You give your kids an experience, keep them happy, and get some alone time together as parents. As kids get older, traveling will get easier and you’ll be able to consider visiting many more destinations.

We love traveling with our kids and we think it’s always worth teaching kids to be adventurous as we explore new places! With a little planning, every family can enjoy the perfect getaway that is best for their stage of life.

Love to travel yourself? What is your top family travel tip?


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ThenaElizabeth OAditiOyinkanNina Recent comment authors
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Great post, there are always pros and cons right? Sometimes, I feel like after a vacation…I need a vacation from my vacation!

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

Yes! It’s true. That traveling with kids is not so use. Since my twins are all grown up I have no problem with it.


Great pointers! I guess some vacations are better done without kids- Vegas for one!


It’s such great family time. But it is still a bit of work while still watching the kids etc. Still fun tho!


As someone who loves to travel, I am all about taking kids along. I think that they can learn so much from traveling with their family. On family vacations as a child, my mom would just be sure to have lots of snacks and put lots of toys and activities in the back seat for us. It really did help.

Reese Alvarado

I totally agree with you, there are so many great reasons to take kids on vacation. Thanks for sharing!

Courtney B

Great tips! I think there are definitely great things kids can enjoy on vacation, plus making family memories. Thank you for sharing.

Megan @ Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest

Our kids are 3 yrs and 18mo old so we haven’t done vacations yet but I think next summer we definitely will. Thanks for thr pointers 🙂

Sue Tanya McHorgh
Sue Tanya McHorgh

I can imagine travelling with kids can be difficult. I have no kids of my own but i have friends who do and it can be hard. It’s even harder when they are really young. Awesome post.


I never travel without my little boy and I don’t feel it at all hinders were I can travel but then most of the places I desire to travel are family friendly . Even though some places we go are not considered child friendly I think it’s important for children to have cultural experiences and have never had a single issue with my child feeling bored or complaining….


I don’t have any kids but I see lots of young couples taking their kids everywhere with them, I think it is great but if you go on destination mainly for single or couple, it could be definitely a challenge. I have to admit I do not enjoy screaming kids around me on vacation but I do understand that travelling is an amazing experience to discover new things, especially for toddlers.


I do believe that children should be taken on holiday from a young age. It’s the only way their minds will open and they will understand the different cultures of the world. I think the pro’s are much more important than the cons.


Sounds like some great advice for families with kids!


I don’t have kids yet, but this is clearly something I have already thought about to when we do. I think I would love to do kids related holidays so they really have fun and then go just us sometimes as all with the superb help of future Granpa/Granma 🙂

Brigette Collins

I can totally relate to these pros and cons. I would love to just relax with no fighting, taking care of kids and just enjoy a vacation. But then on the other hand, I would miss them like CRAZY lol

Via Bella
Via Bella

The bordem one is spot on. I say this not just for the kids but for myself as well. With ADHD in our family, it can present some challenges sometimes. This was a good read.

Apolline Adiju

It is not easy travelling with kids. But It can be fun too. I guess a good planning can save the entire trip.

Krizia Velez / Reckless Babe

I don’t have kids but have had vacations with my nieces and nephew. I love it so much but like you said it’s hard because something they get bored and want to keep doing things but you just want to relax. Also, going out of the hotel takes too much time, everything has to be carefully planned. But, the time spent with them is the most beautiful memories I have.


I don’t have kids yet. so it was interesting to read your pov. Thanks for being open and honest 🙂

Akshay Malhotra

I can understand your feeling, I have a little girl who is 2 yrs old and it becomes very hard at times to manage her on road trips because they just want to play with everything and anything they can get hold of specially if you are on the beach. But in the end family time is the best 🙂 You collect memories to cherish later on.
Very well written article, glad I came across this blog 🙂

Amy Dong

LOL, I so agree with what you wrote! We have 3 boys and just finished going on a couple of trips. Traveling with them most definitely has its pros and cons. Thankfully, ours are now old enough for us to have more couple-dates out. When the boys were little, it was seriously not worth it to road-trip at all 😉

corinne & kirsty

Traveling with kids must be so hard but still better than never traveling. I have always seen my parents traveling with us so I can’t really see the cons ahah


We love going on vacation with our kids! All three do great in the car. A tip we have for the drive is we give them each $5 to spend on snacks or snack drinks at the gas station. We buy them healthy snacks and package them before we go but this really limits how much junk food they can eat and they know that once their money is gone, they can’t get any more. It’s been such a money saver for us as well!

Cia Black

Traveling with kids is so difficult then traveling alone. We usually go for outdoor activities because that seems to suit or 4 children ranging from 12-2. With such a gap from our youngest to oldest camping trips have become a prime for us.luckily they all love the outdoors too. Since our children have grown up camping they all no are rules for being in the great outdoors. Our toughest spot is traveling to our camping destination. Like you said ice cream can only get you so far. So we also use mini tackle boxes with different snacks in each spot… Read more »