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“Throw Away Packing” is a Genius Traveling Technique

The stress of packing is one of the cons to traveling. Packing can be incredibly overwhelming and even the most organized people can be incredibly disorganized when it comes to packing. You may feel stressed out by wanting to leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs but having trouble leaving that extra room. It’s tough to leave space for souvenirs when you struggle with packing light.

The struggle of packing is why you should try “throw away packing” and throw things away after use during your trip. This is a great way to ensure there’s room to bring home special souvenirs and gifts. In Texas, you’ll be able to buy as many “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” t-shirts as you want and other made in Texas gifts. In Hawaii, you can buy that gorgeous maxi dress adorned with pretty Hawaiian flowers and bring home some new beach towels too!

Throw away packing is like upgrading your stuff because you’re coming home with better things than you left with.

Family travel packing tips

Perfect Things to Pack

How do you master this concept of throw away packing? Do you have any shirts or pants that have holes, stains or pilled fabric? Perhaps you have a well-loved pair of shoes or a swimsuit that only looks good from a distance because it’s so worn. You can give these clothes one final wear on your trip before throwing them in the trash. This is the clever packing technique called throw away packing.

Swap your Stuff

Clothing items that are old favorites with a few good wears left in them are the perfect pieces to pack. Throw them away after wearing them during your travels, lighten your suitcase and create more space for souvenirs. It’s kind of genius, when you think about it, because you were soon going to get rid of these items anyway. You won’t even miss these items because they’ve been worn enough times in your life and you’re ready to say goodbye.

Streamline & Minimize

Also streamline your cosmetics by packing cheap drugstore shampoo and inexpensive face wash. These disposable items can be used up and thrown away. Don’t bring expensive, lavish skincare because you’ll want to bring your fancy products back home with you.

Bring books on your trip that you can give away once finished, knowing your suitcase will be much lighter on the way home.

Once you try throw away packing you’ll realize how smart this effective packing technique is!

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