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Easy Maple Syrup Candy

Easy Maple Syrup Candy

My kids love playing in the snow and enjoying winter-inspired treats when they come in from the snow! This yummy DIY Maple Syrup Candy is a fun afternoon project with lots of natural maple sweetness.

How to make Homemade Maple Syrup Candy - Mommy Scene
Easy DIY Homemade maple syrup candy - Mommy Scene

Maple Syrup Candy is easy to make in just a few steps!

1. Boil real maple syrup until it reaches 250 degrees, right below the hard ball stage on the candy thermometer. Heating the maple syrup under 250 degrees will make softer candy. Heating it over 250 degrees will make hard candy.

Yummy homemade maple syrup candy - Mommy Scene

2. Once ready, spoon the hot maple syrup over a packed layer of snow and make shapes that will harden into candy or pour the maple syrup into a silicone mold.

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Make Homemade Maple Candy - Mommy Scene

3. Allow the maple syrup to fully cool before handling or popping the candy shapes out of the silicone mold.

Homemade maple syrup candy how to - Mommy Scene

Fun DIY Maple Syrup Candy activity - Mommy Scene

Have fun making your own Maple Syrup Candy creations!

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