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How to Make a Tiered Birthday Cake

How to Make a Tiered Birthday Cake

Creative birthday cakes are a festive way to celebrate a birthday and you don’t always have to buy an expensive cake. It’s easy to make a tiered birthday cake using 2 boxed cake mixes and some colorful frosting. I love customizing my daughter’s birthday cakes to match the theme of her kids’ birthday celebration. I’m excited to share how I made my daughter’s blue and green tiered birthday cake for her Superhero Mermaid Birthday Party.

How to make a 3 layer birthday cake
To make a tiered birthday cake, first I prepared the cake batter according to the directions on the cake mix box and baked a total of 4 layers in 2 different sized cake pans. I placed a circle of parchment paper in the bottom of each pan which makes it easy to get the baked cake out of the ban. Once out of the oven, I gently peeled the parchment paper off as the cake cooled.

Easy layered birthday cake for kids

I made 2 large cake sizes and 2 medium cake sizes. I didn’t end up using an extra small cake we made with the rest of the batter. I decided to create a 2-tiered birthday cake using 4 layers of cake.

Yummy tiered birthday cake for kids parties

I had to cut the large cake layers down a bit to fit the look I wanted to achieve. I simply placed a plate on top of each cake layer and cut around it.

Next we assembled the tiers with a thick layer of icing in between each cake layer. Once stacked, my daughter helped me frost the outside of the cake with blue and green icing. We blended the colors and used a wavy motion to create an ocean-inspired look. You can mix white icing with food coloring to make any color!

Make a tiered birthday cake to match any party theme

Mermaid inspired kids birthday cake

Candy melts and cake decorating pearls are fun and tasty embellishments for a kid’s birthday cake. My daughter loved how her 4-year-old mermaid-inspired birthday cake turned out!

Mermaid inspired tiered kids birthday cake

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Tiered birthday cake for kids mermaid party

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