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Gorgeous Easter Buffet Snack Ideas

The coming of spring brings warmer weather, new growth, colorful flowers and the celebration of Easter. Here are some pretty snack ideas for your Easter celebrations or spring parties!

Easter treats Peeps fruit kabobs

How fun are these colorful fruit kabobs!? Kids will love the colors and the sweet Peeps arranged among the fruit.

Easter treats cross shaped fruit platter

A pretty fruit platter is a festive and creative way to celebrate Easter. Or take fruit to the next level with an Easter egg shaped fruit pizza. Delicious!

Easter egg shaped fruit pizza buffet idea

Easter treats fruit shapes flower garden

Create a garden display with fruit by cutting fruit pieces into shapes using small cookie cutters and attaching them to wooden skewers. The Popsicle stick basket above is an adorable touch! Place the fruit shapes into a bowl or vase to make a fruit flower bouquet.

Easter treats fruit shapes snack basket

This bunny inspired fruit basket is perfect for any Easter buffet table. It looks like a bit of work but it would be really fun to eat!

Easter treats bunny fruit basket
Which spring-inspired treat idea is your favorite?

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