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How to Make a Shaped Fruit Platter for Any Party

How to Make a Shaped Fruit Platter for Any Party

Planning the food for a party can be a fun activity, especially if you are organized and use a little creativity! I love serving fresh fruit at parties because it’s a welcome break from all the sugar, and most fresh fruit is colorful and delicious! Berries, pineapple, grapes and mango can add beautiful color to any party table. These creative fruit platter shapes are easy to create and fun to eat.

DIY Star Shaped Fruit Platter

Easily make a star shaped fruit platter using paper strips as a simple guide.

  1.  Cut a piece of paper lengthwise into 3 strips. Tape the ends together to form a long strip of paper.
  2. Fold the paper strip in thirds, fold it in half, and fold it in half again.
  3. Unfold the paper strip and re-fold the paper in alternate ways to create a corrugated strip.  /\/\/\/\/\
  4. Arrange the folded paper into a star, overlapping the last two folds.
  5. Tape the ends together and fill the star with fruit, arranging fruit pieces to keep lines straight and angles sharp.
  6. Carefully remove the paper while keeping the fruit in place.

DIY Star Shaped Fruit Platter

Create the paper star shape to use as a guide to design the fruit platter.

Easy DIY Star Shaped Fruit Platter

Place fruit pieces inside the shape, keeping angles sharp and lines straight. Contrasting colors of fresh fruit make a fruit platter design really stand out.

Make a colorful star shaped fruit platter for any party

Create a DIY Star Shaped Fruit Platter

Heart Shaped Fruit Platter

To make a heart shaped fruit platter, use the same instructions to cut a paper heart shape as a guide to arrange pieces of fresh fruit. The best thing about creative fruit platters is that you can be creative and use any color of fruit!

DIY Heart Shaped Fruit Platter

Fresh fruit is a welcome healthy addition to any party buffet table. These creative fruit platter designs will wow your friends at your next party! My kids love to snack on fresh fruit;  it’s always great to encourage kids to enjoy healthy snacks. Which fruit platter shape would you make?

Katie enjoys all things creative; DIY projects, photography, decorating and family adventures. She feels blessed to be a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids and many artistic outlets.

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