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Video! Arizona RV Road Trip

We went on 3-month RV trip to Arizona! In January 2021, our family headed down from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona with our 3 kids and our cat. We drove through parts of Oregon and Utah before arriving in Arizona.

AZ Road Trip Highlights

Alongside many fun stops, our family discovered several problems to solve on our RV road trip to Arizona. We couldn’t use our RV water tank until we left the freezing winter temperatures in Idaho and Oregon behind. This meant we had to use jugs of water during our first few days of RV travel. We also learned we needed a few new tires installed on our RV toy hauler. You can see our adventures on our road trip to Arizona here!

Additionally, we stopped by Moqui Caves in Kanab, Utah. These amazing sandstone caves were fun to hike to and explore!

The kids enjoyed lots of snacks and stops at playgrounds on our way to Arizona.

Once in Arizona, we camped on several people’s properties, which we arranged through the website Boondockers Welcome. We explored a mall near Phoenix and we went on a short hike up to Hole in the Rock. We also set up our “home away from home” and did homeschool each morning. My husband Andy worked virtually from his “office” in the toy hauler garage.

Our first two weeks in Arizona were an adventurous success!


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1 year ago

Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country. What a wonderful place to explore.