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DIY Cloud Dough with Cornstarch & Conditioner

Cloud dough is a fun sensory activity for kids. You can make it yourself using cornstarch and conditioner. You can also add food coloring and glitter to make this sensory cloud dough extra fun! This DIY kids activity is engaging for afternoon playtime or a creative kids party. We made cloud dough roses to play with at my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Cloud dough is a lot like play dough, except it doesn’t contain salt and it smells like your hair conditioner!

Glittery Cloud Dough kids party activity

I initially made 3 big balls of cloud dough for my daughter’s princess birthday party. Then I realized it was going to be hard to portion out pieces of homemade cloud dough for each child. I created these pretty cloud dough roses to pass out at the birthday party! Cloud dough is a lot like play dough except it contains cornstarch and hair conditioner instead of flour, oil and salt. Homemade cloud dough feels moisturizing on your hands because of the conditioner.

Easy DIY cloud dough creative kids activity

Homemade Hair Conditioner Cloud Dough

You can easily make cloud dough for your own kids! All you need is a few simple ingredients; mainly cornstarch and hair conditioner.

  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 1 cup hair conditioner
  • food coloring (optional)
  • glitter (optional)

First, choose a bottle of hair conditioner in a fragrance that you like, because your homemade cloud dough will smell like the conditioner. If you are using food coloring and glitter, mix it into the conditioner until fully combined. Next, add the cornstarch and stir until the mixture turns into dough. If your homemade cloud dough is a bit sticky you can add more cornstarch. Alternatively, if the cloud dough is a bit dry, you can knead in a little more conditioner.

TIP! I recommend mixing the food coloring and glitter into the conditioner first before adding the cornstarch. This will help distribute the color and glitter evenly throughout the dough.

How to make cloud dough with hair conditioner creative kids activity

Cloud Dough Party Favors

I made 3 different hues of purple cloud dough for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. I divided it up into little cloud dough roses for each birthday party guest. The kids enjoyed playing with their cloud dough and making shapes. This soft and silky conditioner play dough is fun to stretch and squeeze. Our little party guests also got to take their cloud dough home!

To make cloud dough roses, roll out a small amount of dough and make dents along one side to create the rose petals. Roll up the cloud dough starting at one end to form a rose. Finally, gently arrange the petals. I made 12 cloud dough roses in just minutes for my little girl’s birthday party. I dusted the top of my cloud dough roses with extra glitter for a sparkling effect!

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Homemade cloud dough rose party favors

Creative Sensory Kids Activity

Kids will love playing with homemade cloud dough at your next party or play date. This sensory cloud dough is gentle on kids’ hands because it doesn’t contain salt. Cloud dough is fun to mold and knead into shapes and twists. Because of the cornstarch, it flows when you stretch it slowly and breaks apart when you stretch it quickly. This two-ingredient cloud dough is easy to whip up using ingredients you already have at home. Kids can choose their favorite colors to mix into the cloud dough and even help pour in the glitter!

Princess Birthday Party play dough activity

My daughter loved playing with the different shades of purple cloud dough at her birthday party. Homemade cloud dough is an easy and fun activity that keeps kids busy with making glittery creations!

Play dough roses party favors

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Homemade cloud dough with cornstarch and conditioner

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