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Meet American Girl Maryellen Larkin

Meet American Girl Maryellen Larkin

My daughter, just like many girls, was quickly captivated by the American Girl doll collection. Whether it was a first sighting of the American Girl store in the mall at age 2, or supervised playtime with my own Truly Me doll from the 2000’s, she loves the easy-to-dress dolls, AG clothing, and many accessories. We were excited to hear about the new Maryellen Larkin 50’s-inspired doll from American Girl. This true-to-era doll comes complete with a darling striped dress and aqua shrug, Mary Jane shoes, and an award-winning Beforever storybook. Her outfit & accessory add-ons include a cute knit purse, white gloves and coordinating pearl jewelry. My daughter will be receiving this doll under the Christmas tree, but I’ve already been impressed by her quality and adorable details.

Maryellen Larkin has hazel eyes that open and close and long strawberry-blond hair worn in a high ponytail with sideswept bangs. She comes in an authentic 1950s striped dress with a sweetheart neckline, tailored bows, and a full skirt (which hides white underwear underneath).

American Girl Maryellen 50's Doll review - Mommy Scene

Maryellen’s lacy-knit aqua shrug is monogrammed with her initial, and black Mary Jane shoes and an aqua hair bow complete her outfit. American Girl clothes overall are easy to put on and take off, so even little girls can dress their dolls by themselves.

American Girl Maryellen Doll cute Mary Jane shoes - Mommy Scene

One of my favorite things about American Girl dolls are their soft hugable cloth bodies and movable head and limbs, which allow you to pose the doll in standing and sitting positions.

My young daughter is unique in that she takes precise care of her special toys, but American Girl dolls are ideally recommended for ages 8+. I also don’t let my daughter play with these special dolls unsupervised. I’m excited she will grow up playing with American Girl dolls just like many other girls.

American Girl Maryellen Doll adorable vintage dress review - Mommy Scene

Maryellen comes with The One and Only: A Maryellen Classic 1 book, winner of the 2015 National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Silver Award. Amazon offers a short summary of this book. My daughter and I will enjoy reading it together.

“Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she’s been longing for. Being invited to stay in at recess and practice her handwriting earns Maryellen a new friend, but what does that mean for her old friendships? Then, Maryellen is wishing for a white Christmas like the ones in the movies (not very likely in Florida!) Will she find a way to make her dream come true?”

American Girl Maryellen 50's Doll review - Mommy Scene

Maryellen’s beautiful dress shows off muted stripes and sweet aqua bows, delicate and feminine! Her beautiful long hair cascades over her shoulder in a blond ponytail, topped with a matching aqua bow. We added the red flower clip as our own customization.

50's American Girl Maryellen Doll - Mommy Scene

The best thing about American Girl dolls is that they last forever and can easily be handed down as keepsakes! In my own experience, the doll hair is easy to keep silky and untangled with just a little care, thanks to the high quality fibers. I arranged my own doll’s hair countless times over the years and she still looks practically brand new. The doll styles with longer hair, like Maryellen Larkin, are really fun because you can french braid her hair and arrange it in all kinds of twisty styles. I wouldn’t recommend using any type of hair products on your doll; just using a comb works perfectly. I also recently learned that American Girl offers a doll fix-up service to rejuvenate your doll’s hair (or any other part of her).

Maryellen American Girl Doll review - Mommy Scene

Maryellen has a full clothing line of adorable outfits, accessories, even furniture and decor! I love her Birthday Dress and Poodle Skirt outfit the most, available in February 2016! Her couch, jukebox, and living room set are adorably retro, and of course she’s perfectly paired with her darling dog Scooter. See Maryellen’s Accessories »

American Girl Doll review Maryellen Larkin - Mommy Scene

Dolls like American Girl Maryellen help bring back classic playtime in a world that’s saturated by technology. I will always love these dolls. Maryellen also helps build friendships when girls play together!

Reading American Girl Maryellen Larkin's storybook - Mommy Scene

Learn more about all of Maryellen’s beautiful details and check out her outfits and more on American Girl’s website. Maryellen is a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, or as a birthday surprise the rest of the year!

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