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Our Best Costco Finds – Summer 2020!

A trip to Costco is usually somewhere on our weekly to-do list. We buy a lot of our food and even furniture at Costco for our family of five. Here are some of our best Costco finds that we’ve purchased this summer.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Almost always at the top of my list, Costco has great Kombucha in several yummy flavors. My favorite in this assorted pack is the Ginger Lemon Kombucha from Brew Dr. I also really like the Superberry Kombucha, which is sweetly fizzy with flavors of raspberry and blueberry. Finally, the Clear Mind Kombucha flavor from Brew Dr. is refreshing, with herbal flavors of mint, sage and rosemary infused into green tea. I truly like them all and I regularly buy this pack of Brew Dr. Kombucha from Costco.

Brew Dr. Kombucha flavors at Costco

Cute Girls Dresses

Costco always has the cutest little girls dresses! My girls each picked out a new dress to wear to some weddings later this summer. Of course, it’s always hard to pick a favorite style! Costco little girl dresses are usually priced between $15 and $20. The dresses are typically good quality and very beautifully detailed. My girls will wear their dresses for the next year or longer.

Kids Swimwear

Costco also has great kids swimwear. I typically buy my girls swimsuits from Costco each summer. We’ve purchased one piece swimsuits and 2 piece tankinis. Each style of kids swimwear holds up well and lasts for the whole year or longer. Costco typically has girls swimsuits in many patterns and kids sizes from 5 to 16.

Mens Shorts

My husband bought several pairs of Hang Tent mens quick dry shorts at Costco. These shorts are like a hybrid between board shorts and casual summer shorts, which dry quickly after kayaking or swimming. They have pockets and streamlined details; nothing fancy or bulky. These shorts also fit comfortably thanks to 4-way stretch fabric and a stretch comfort waistband. Each Costco carries different inventory, but we’ve found Costco clothing to be great quality and we often stock up on everyday clothing essentials.

Starbucks Nespresso Capsules

My husband Andy and I both love coffee and we especially appreciate the simplicity of our Nespresso single serve machine. We’ve used this espresso machine for more than five years and we save a lot of money on coffee by making our own drinks at home, rather than going to coffee shops. This variety pack of Nespresso espresso capsules is an essential on our shopping list, especially when we are running low on coffee.

Starbucks Nespresso Capsules packs at Costco

Starbucks espresso flavors include a classic Espresso roast as well as Blonde, Columbia, and Pikes Place roasts. When purchased in this multi-pack, each Starbucks Nespresso capsule ends up costing about 60 cents each.

Starbucks Nespresso Capsules variety pack at Costco

Classic Buffalo Style Crispy Wings

When we’re feeling hungry, buffalo wings are an easy win for dinner at our house. Our whole family enjoys eating these oven-baked wings. This bag of take out Crispy Wings from Foster Farms is especially delicious and very easy to prepare for dinner. We typically bake these on a parchment-paper lined baking sheet, using the baking instructions found on the bag. Just add a side of fresh vegetables and potato wedges and you’re all set to eat!

Del Monte Crispy Wings best Costco finds

Popping Boba Bubble Fruit

For snack time or lunch, these bubble fruit cups are a sweet treat with a twist! Each cup contains cubed peaches in juice alongside strawberry lemonade popping boba. If you haven’t had popping boba, these sweet spheres pop in the mouth with a burst of flavor. We picked out this box of popping boba bubble fruit at Costco just because it was a novel kids snack for summer. My kids occasionally eat these fruit cups alongside a peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. My kids also enjoy drinking lemonade so these fruit cups were a fun treat.

Popping Boba Bubble Fruit best Costco finds

Zuru Buncho Water Balloons

This festive pack of easy-fill water balloons is perfect for a family get together or birthday party. Zuru Buncho Balloons 420 pack comes with an assortment of fill and auto-tie water balloons. We grabbed this Costco pack of water balloons so our kids could enjoy backyard fun with water balloons all summer long.

Zuru Buncho water balloons 420 pack from Costco

Simply attach each bunch to the end of your hose, turn it on and watch the water balloons fill and drop off into a bucket or container. If the water balloons drop off into the grass they will pop!

Zuru Buncho water balloons Costco buy

Costco is a warehouse wonderland that’s interesting to explore to discover what’s new. We often stock up on our household basics and buy a few fun things too! We enjoy exploring Costco’s seasonal merchandise for gardening, summer adventures, clothing, home improvement, holiday gifts and more. Everything is priced very affordably and we really appreciate Costco’s quality and their return policy, which we’ve used occasionally. Overall, Costco is our go-to place to shop!

What are your favorite things to buy at Costco?



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