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Get Tavour Craft Beer Shipped to Your Door

A refreshing beverage is often just the thing on a hot summer day. If you enjoy craft beer, it can be fun to try new flavors! A “beer crate” that’s filled with premium craft beer is an easy way to discover new favorite brews and best of all, you can have it shipped to your door. We tried the Tavour Craft Beer Club and discovered some great benefits of using this beverage service app.

It can be hard to know where to start when exploring the world of craft beer. You can choose from various brews that are differentiated by flavor, method of brewing, richness, batch size, region, etc. We enjoy the novelty of an occasional drink when eating out or attending a barbecue, so the flavor of a beer is important to us. It’s fun to enjoy our favorite brews and also experience something new.

Tavour craft beer club review - shipped to your door

Tavour gives you access to their curated collection of hand-picked beers through their easy-to-use app. Easily scroll through the detailed brew descriptions sourced from 47 states and take advantage of perks such as limited-time access to rare beers you can’t get in your area. Curate your own “crate” by claiming the beers you want and passing on the ones you don’t. Finally, order your top hand-picked craft beer to be delivered to your door.

Get craft beer delivered using the Tavour app

Download the Tavour App

To get started and gain access to Tavour’s craft beer selection, first you’ll need to download the Tavour app to your mobile device. Create an account for free by inputting your name, email address, zip code and designating a password. You can also create an account on the Tavour website and use the information to log in to the app. You must be 21 or older to use this service.

Next, you’ll see a message that says “New beers daily. Swipe to see all available beers. Buy only the ones you want.” If you enable notifications, the app will notify you when new beers are released.

The Tavour app offers several features. You can purchase individual beer flavors by quantity. You can also add brews to your collection over time and have them automatically shipped to you after 4 weeks.

The Tavour app home page shows a slideshow of current beers available. Each selection includes the photo of the beer along with the beer’s name, the brewery, alcohol content and a detailed description of the brew. At the bottom of each selection, you’ll find the beer’s rating, package date (if applicable) and order limits. Tavour will ship any amount of beer you order for a flat rate shipping fee of $14.90.

Tavour craft beer Paradise from Prairie Artisan Ales

Craft Beer Subscription Service

Tavour also offers a subscription service that caters to your preferences. You can choose from 6 beers or 12 beers shipped to your door every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. These beer subscription boxes ship free! To start, select your beer flavor preference such as “Hoppy & Juicy” or “Dark and Intense”. Next, select the quantity of beers and frequency you want to receive your beer box. Finally, enter your payment info and shipping address.

You can sign up for Tavour’s subscription box service in minutes. You can also cancel in seconds, skip it when you want, and change your flavor style, quantity and frequency at any time.

Tavour beer crate review craft brews delivered

Tavour Beer Crate Review

We received a variety of brews from Tavour’s craft beer offerings, each with their own flavor profile. Some of the memorable brews in our sample collection included Marryin’ Berries from Ex Novo Brewing, Paradise from Prairie Artisan Ales and Hubbard’s Cave Fresh One Hop IIPA Citra.

Marryin’ Berries has a light malt flavor and a pleasantly tart finish. It’s refreshing, juicy, sweet and salty all at the same time. My wife likes fruity drinks, so this was a definite favorite and a fun twist to craft beer.

Paradise from Prairie Artisan Ales is stout with vanilla and toasted coconut flavors

Paradise from Prairie Artisan Ales is decidedly stout with a rich flavor and dense smoothness. This stout has an underlying flavor of vanilla and toasted coconut which provides a unique flavor.

My favorite craft brew from this crate was the Hubbard’s Cave Fresh One Hop IIPA Citra. This hazy golden IPA has a tangy aroma. The citrus flavor of grapefruit, bitter fruits and sweet pale malts create a smooth flavor combination. Definitely refreshing!

Exclusive craft beer selection - Tavour beer club review

If you enjoy trying unique craft beer and interesting microbrew flavors, the Tavour Craft Beer Club is a great resource to check out. Prices seem average and vary for cans vs. bottles. I like that Tavour gives you access to a whole range of interesting craft brews which are described in detail on the app. Overall, this service is a convenient way to figure out what you like or to continue enjoying your favorite craft beer flavors.

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