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DIY Superhero Capes Sewing Project

Easily sew a DIY kids’ superhero cape using a square of fabric. You can design a cape with patterned fabric, a solid color lining and even make it reversible! This easy sewing project is customizable by embellishing your child’s cape with their initial or any super symbol you’d like. Make a custom superhero cape or design a princess cape or an ice queen cape as a creative kids’ gift idea.

How to Make Do It Yourself Superhero Capes

For Christmas one year I designed superhero capes for my nieces and nephews. They were a big hit and actually pretty easy to make. The pattern I came up with was essentially a square with a hole in one corner. Each cape featured each little hero’s initial which was a fun personal touch.

DIY Superhero Capes Easy Sewing Project

Make your own homemade superhero cape with generously sized square pieces of fabric. You’ll need one piece of fabric for the outside and another piece of fabric for the inside lining of the cape.

The size of the fabric depends on the size of your child. I used standard size fabric cut into a square (54″ x 54″). You can also measure the fabric on your child and then cut the appropriate size square.

Cut off one corner of the fabric square and use a bowl to trace a circle in the opposite corner of the fabric square. You can use the template shape below as a guide to cut out your own DIY superhero cape.

DIY superhero cape sewing project template pattern

Sew a Custom Superhero Cape!

Sew the two pieces of fabric “right sides” together to make the double-sided cape. Once you’ve sewn most of the way around the edge, leave an opening and turn the cape right-side-out. Poke out all the corners, iron the cape flat and stitch up the opening.

Attach Velcro to the two ends of the collar along the neckline so kids can easily put the cape on and take it off without any help.

As a final touch, I added top stitching all the way around the cape’s edge to keep the two fabric layers from shifting too much. If you wanted to make a single layer cape, you could just hem the cape all the way around it.

Easy DIY Superhero Capes for Kids

To detail the cape, I printed out shapes to use as templates to cut fabric shapes. I also printed out large letters to use as templates to cut out fabric initials. I stitched around each shape and letter with a regular zig-zag stitch, using a smaller stitch setting so my stitches were fairly close together.

DIY aqua super dog cape for kids

These capes were so fun to create! Custom DIY superhero capes are a great accessory for active kids who love pretending! You could design any combination of cape styles or themes for any occasion.

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How to make kids' superhero capes - Easy sewing project

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Tammi Dorn
Tammi Dorn
1 year ago

I love these! Can you tell me the size of your fabric pieces? You have stated that it is “54 x 54″ But that seems really big., as most fabric is 44/45” wide. Thanks Can’t wait to make some of these!

Kath H
Kath H
4 years ago

What a great pattern. I was just looking for something for my grandson.
How about a different superhero logo in each side so the Cape is reversible. Two super heroes for the price of one!

Angie W.
Angie W.
4 years ago

Cute! I wish I could be more crafty… time to get sewing lessons!

Mary G
Mary G
4 years ago

Awesome idea!! Love this!