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An Everyday Fashion Essential Made From Water Bottles

An Everyday Fashion Essential Made From Water Bottles

When you think about recycling, fashion and design probably don’t come to mind. But did you know that awesome accessories can be made using recycled water bottles? We recently tried out some colorful stretchy belts that help solve several problems. Jelt Belts hold up pants, they are made from recycled materials and they inspire social change. Made in Montana, Jelt Belts combine fashion and function in a streamlined belt designed for men, woman and kids.

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Jelt Belts effectively keep pants up while riding bikes

Effectively keeps pants up

We received a few Jelt Belts to try out and my kids have been wearing them daily. Especially for kids who are sometimes in between sizes, a stretchy belt is great to keep pants up while kids are exploring and riding bikes. I’ve worn my digital camo belt with jeans and shorts alike. The design of these belts is great; no fuss, with a comfortable snugness that keeps pants up.

Jelt Belts have a length of sturdy elastic that’s made from recycled water bottles and a no-metal buckle that easily slides together. These belts have a grippy rubber gel texture on the side that touches your clothing, which effectively keeps the belt in place. My daughter sometimes wears her Jelt Belt with a pair of shorts that doesn’t have belt loops, with no issues of it slipping down. If you do have belt loops, a Jelt Belt easily slips through the belt loops and snugs around the waist.

Jelt Belts come in general sizes XS, S, M and L. The belts measure specific lengths, but they stretch a few more inches to create a perfectly snug fit. The XS size fits kids, which I found comparable to the kid’s size 9/10.

An everyday fashion essential made from water bottles

Streamlined design that’s easy to put on

The streamlined buckle is another great Jelt Belt feature. It easily fits together and lays flat. The colorful elastic strap stretches comfortably to keep pants just tight enough. Kids can easily connect and disconnect this belt by pressing on the two buckle halves which slide apart.

My 7-year-old daughter enjoys picking out her own clothing and coordinating her own outfits. She started talking about wearing a belt because she’s often between sizes. A belt is very helpful to snug up loose pants, especially when a smaller clothing size would be too tight. I often buy my kids the next size up for some of their clothing so they can wear it for a long time. A Jelt Belt is a practical and stylish accessory for my daughter to wear with her favorite pair of jeans or jean shorts.

Jelt Belts effectively keep kids pants up

Looks good with everything

I love wearing accessories that go with lots of different outfits. The Jelt Belt design combines both fashion and function that coordinates with a variety of fashion styles. Jelt Belts come in classic colors such as black, teal and white. I especially like the digital camo pattern which adds some subtle color to any outfit. You could wear these colorful bands with the typical shorts and t-shirt look or with a dressier tunic.

Jelt Belts prevents awkward wardrobe mishaps

Prevents awkward wardrobe mishaps

It’s easy to go without a belt, until you realize you need a belt. When my toddler wants to be picked up and is particularly squirmy, I realize I need a belt. Sometimes a pair of shorts in my size feels a bit loose, which is easy to remedy with a streamlined Jelt Belt. And when you have to unexpectedly bend over without thinking to pull up your pants first, these stretchy belts have you covered.

Jelt Belts are designed by a Pacific Northwest entrepreneur

Designed by a Pacific Northwest entrepreneur!

Jelt Belts are made in the United States in Montana by entrepreneur Jen Perry. She founded Jelt as a social enterprise to create a universally-needed product and inspire change in her community. Jelt Belts are manufactured by women sewers living on rural Montana ranches. They’re also produced at the women’s prison in Billings, through the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program. This privileged program breaks the cycle of incarceration by interviewing, training and paying the women, giving them the skills and confidence needed to live a more productive life when released. Not only are these belts a very practical wardrobe essential, they also help produce community change!

Overall, Jelt Belts are a great fall fashion basic that go with many different outfit styles. You would never guess the strong elastic is made from recycled water bottles. Also these cool belts are a clever gift idea because they are uniquely designed and practical for everyday use.

You can choose from many Jelt Belt colors and shop hats and hoodies too! Will you go for classic black or something a little brighter?

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