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Great Eco-Friendly Cleaner + Natural Home Care Tips

Do you struggle with keeping your house cleaned up after your family? I certainly do and at times it can feel like a losing battle. I’ve found it helpful to make a cleaning list to maintain different parts of our home. My weekly cleaning schedule includes deep cleaning the kitchen, sprucing up living areas and cleaning the bathrooms. I also vacuum the floors and stairs. I can include my kids to help with vacuuming, wiping off windowsills and dusting, which teaches them life skills too! Cleaning up after a busy family isn’t so bad if you stay on top of all the tasks. I also use Eco-friendly cleaners that make our home smell nice. Here are some of my top tips for weekly house cleaning.

This post is written on behalf of Genesis 950. All opinions are our own.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is easily the heart of our home. We cook meals there, host friends for dinner and dessert, make yummy snacks, and teach our kids useful life skills. For some reason, everyone loves hanging out in the kitchen. The kitchen also gets messy several times a day.

I clean our countertops thoroughly at least once a day using Genesis 950 multi-purpose cleaner. This cleaner is great for our family because it effectively cleans many different surfaces and it’s eco-friendly. I discovered Genesis 950 several years ago and it quickly became my favorite cleaning solution. I can neatly spray it onto our countertops and kitchen table and wipe it off. Genesis 950 effectively removes sticky residue without using any chemicals.

We also use Genesis 950 to clean grubbier areas of the kitchen such as the sink, stove top, edges of the dishwasher and trash compactor door. If the sink is particularly stained, I sometimes use baking soda to scrub it out. If you have a garbage disposal, you can grind up a half of a squeezed lemon to freshen up the space. Lemon will also give your kitchen a citrus fragrance!

How Genesis 950 Works

Genesis 950 is a green, multi-purpose surfactant-based cleaner. It works by breaking down the bonds of a stain and making it water soluble. Genesis 950 effectively breaks down grease, oils, food stains, pet stains and dirt, plus kills many harmful germs and bacteria. Genesis 950 comes in concentrated form in a gallon container. Once mixed with water, Genesis 950 causes stains to lose adherence to a surface so you can flush them away.

Genesis 950 is a green, multi-purpose surfactant based cleaner that comes in concentrated form

Genesis 950 eco-friendly household cleaner

To mix up a bottle of Genesis 950 cleaner, the instructions say to combine 1 part Genesis 950 concentrate with 10 parts of water (10-1). I do about 8-1 parts to make it a little stronger. I measure out the Genesis 950 concentrate, up to the bottom of the label on the spray bottle. Then I fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. As you can see, the gallon bottle that Genesis 950 concentrate comes in lasts a long time and makes many bottles of eco-friendly cleaner! I just keep refilling the spray bottle every few weeks or so.

Genesis 950 Eco friendly concentrated household cleaner

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner

Genesis 950 is also a great floor cleaner. I’ve used it on our wood floors, tile floors, grout, and linoleum bathroom floors. This universal cleaning solution leaves behind a clean surface with no residue and it doesn’t have a strong odor. The bottle has detailed directions for mixing the Genesis 950 concentrated solution with water. The handy spray bottle is easy to use in any room of the house.

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner Genesis 950

I’ve even used Genesis 950 multi-purpose cleaner to clean up an accidental wine spill on our new carpet. I just sprayed it on and gave it a few minutes to absorb before I dabbed it up with a towel. Genesis 950 is also very effective to use on pet stains and odors. It’s very helpful to have a universal cleaner close at hand that is safe to use on both wood flooring and carpet.

Genesis 950 Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner for wine spills

Super Easy Bathroom Cleaning

Our bathrooms are another area in our home which get a lot of use and also get grungy quickly. I typically clean our bathrooms once a week. My bathroom cleaning process includes cleaning the mirror, wiping down the sink and countertop, scrubbing the toilet and wiping the floor.

I can use Genesis 950 for any of these cleaning tasks. I especially appreciate that Genesis 950 doesn’t leave behind suds when I spray and wipe down the sink, countertop and other bathroom surfaces. No suds really cuts down on cleaning time. I can just spray, wipe down and go!

Genesis 950 eco-friendly bathroom cleaning tips

Overall, Genesis 950 is very helpful for cleaning every room of the house! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend getting your own bottle of Genesis 950 concentrate. It’s so effective for so many uses, it’s easy to see why Genesis 950 has been my go-to cleaner for the last couple of years. We even use it to clean out our cars and our RV toy hauler. I appreciate knowing about a good cleaner that’s safe to use around kids and won’t accidentally damage household surfaces. It’s so simple to keep our kitchen, living spaces, floors and bathrooms cleaner thanks to Genesis 950!

Best household cleaner Genesis 950


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Laurie Nykaza
Laurie Nykaza
3 years ago

I love using eco friendly products for the home and this one sounds great to use. I like that Genesis 950 is a concentrate saves money in the long run too.

Kayla Villalobos
Kayla Villalobos
3 years ago

Wow I’ll definitely have to look into Genesis 950!

Veronica Bohan
Veronica Bohan
3 years ago

I love using simple eco products