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WellieWishers DIY Elastic Doll Headbands

My girls absolutely love their American Girl WellieWishers. They dress them up, have tea parties, and go on backyard adventures. My girls also enjoy doing crafts. We made some very easy DIY headbands for our WellieWishers dolls Ashlyn and Camille. These pretty headbands can be customized with rhinestones, flowers and bows. Learn how to make WellieWishers headbands using elastic, a hot glue gun and decorative accents.

Accessorizing your doll is an easy way to add color to any outfit. Rhinestone headbands add a little bit of sparkle! You can make these headbands in any color and combination of pretty accents.

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Easy WellieWishers DIY Elastic Doll Headbands

DIY Doll Elastic Headbands

You can design these fun DIY elastic headbands for any doll!

Doll Headband Materials

  • colorful fold-over elastic
  • rhinestones or other decorative accents
  • silk flower
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

DIY elastic headbands for WellieWishers

To make your own doll headbands, first measure around the doll’s head using a small tape measure or a string. Use the measurement to cut a piece of elastic long enough to fit snugly around the doll’s head.

For our American Girl WellieWishers dolls Ashlyn and Camille, we used 10″ lengths of elastic.

Next, glue the elastic ends together using a dot of hot glue.

How to make beautiful elastic doll headbands

Decorate Your Doll Headbands

Gather some rhinestones or decorative accents and plan your headband design. You can use sequins, silk flowers, beads and small bows. To make a rhinestone doll headband, apply 1 dot of hot glue at a time onto the elastic, firmly pressing each rhinestone down. If you add too many dots of hot glue all together, some dots may cool before you can stick each rhinestone on.

It’s helpful to use a minimal amount of hot glue so it doesn’t show around the rhinestones. Hot glue also creates hot glue threads, so use it carefully and precisely to avoid getting unwanted glue on your doll headband.

Instead of rhinestones, you can also glue on a flat silk flower.

Colorful DIY doll headbands with rhinestones

Using this process, you can create any variety of rhinestone and flower DIY doll headbands. We picked out bright colors to go with some of the modern WellieWishers outfits. However, you can make these headbands to match any style.

I like using hot glue to make doll accessories because I don’t have to wait long for it to dry. Hot glue is especially good for adhering small decorations, trim, silk flowers and rhinestones onto fabric-like materials.

DIY doll elastic headbands with rhinestones

Rhinestone Doll Headbands

Rhinestones are easy to use for decorating these DIY elastic doll headbands. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes. You only need a dot of hot glue to stick each rhinestone on. Acrylic rhinestones add a colorful touch of sparkle to DIY doll accessories! If you want to get really fancy, try using Swarovski crystal rhinestones to decorate a doll headband.

Easy DIY rhinestone headbands for WellieWisher dolls

Flower Doll Headbands

A silk flower is an easy way to add a pop of color to a DIY doll headband. This pink flower on light pink dotted elastic is the perfect accessory for many of the WellieWishers garden outfits. After all, flowers and wellies boots go perfectly together!

Easy DIY flower headbands for WellieWisher dolls

American Girl makes so many darling outfits and accessories that are part of the WellieWishers collection. We have many of the WellieWishers dresses and accessories, including this darling purple dance outfit. I love that we can easily make DIY accessories that coordinate with the rest of the WellieWishers’ wardrobe. Our DIY pink silk rose headband is the perfect accessory for Camille, for a show on stage or a party. Best of all, my girls love designing their own accessories for their WellieWishers dolls.

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Easy DIY flower doll headbands for American Girl WellieWishers

Use Trim or Decorative Edging

We made this shimmery elastic headband with a strip of aqua fold-over elastic and a bit of green rhinestone embellished trim. You can use any sort of trim or edging you’d like to make these DIY doll headbands. Simply trim the ends neatly and glue the embellishment onto the elastic with hot glue.

Easy DIY doll headbands for American Girl WellieWishers

Any dress can be made prettier with a glamorous DIY doll headband! We loved how this aqua rhinestone doll headband turned out. The rhinestone trim was already connected together, so it was actually one of the easiest headbands to make. It coordinates perfectly with this darling WellieWishers tea dress embellished with hearts and flowers.

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Easy DIY rhinestone doll headbands for American Girl WellieWishers

Which colors would you use to design your own DIY doll headbands? These custom doll accessories are very fun to make! My girls have both enjoyed designing headbands and dressing up their dolls with these homemade doll accessories.


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