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Collectible & Cuddly Feltman Brothers Baby Doll

My little girls are natural little mommies. They love playing mommy, taking turns being mommy and taking care of their baby brother. They also have fun playing with their assortment of dolls. Watching little girls play is heartwarming, everyone is welcome at their tea parties — baby dolls, princesses, my little ponies, bears and even sock monkeys. This collectible doll from the Feltman Brothers is an adorable gift idea for any little girl who loves dolls. Her classic name Caroline Grace matches her timeless details and high quality and realistic looking features.

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Collectible and Cuddly Feltman Brothers Baby Doll

If your little girl loves playing with dolls, she will love Caroline Grace’s sweet features and huggable body. Baby doll Caroline Grace from the Feltman Brothers has soft brown hair, smooth arms and legs and even tiny fingernails. Her long lashes accent her brown eyes and sweet features.

Caroline Grace Collectible and Cuddly Feltman Brothers Baby Doll

The 16″ Caroline Grace doll is life-like with the softest skin, real eyelashes, baby scented fragrance and adorable pixie cut! Each piece of clothing that the doll is wearing is an Authentic hand-embroidered, hand-made Feltman garment. This collectible doll comes with a birth certificate and 4 pieces of clothing; a dress, bonnet, booties & bloomers!

Caroline Grace Feltman Brothers Baby Doll

Collectible & Cuddly Feltman Brothers Baby Doll

Caroline Grace comes in a collectible gift box so you can keep her nice in between play time. She also has a birth certificate and certificate of authenticity. This high quality doll is a great way to encourage kids to be gentle with nice things. I love giving my kids quality toys and I also teach them how to take care of their toys and not just throw them on the floor. Caroline Grace can be displayed on a shelf when she’s not attending a tea party so she can be enjoyed for years to come.

Caroline Grace Feltman Brothers Baby Doll in collectible box

Caroline Grace Feltman Brothers Baby Doll with dress and booties

This Caroline Grace baby doll from the Feltman Brothers comes dressed in a soft pink dress with puffed sleeves and rosebuds embroidered on the bodice. She has matching ruffled bloomers and tiny pink booties that tie with a ribbon. Her matching bonnet is also decorated with a delicate ruffle.

Caroline Grace collectible doll with adorable booties

How adorable is this collectible baby doll!? She’s a perfect first doll for any little girl who’s old enough to take care of her. Caroline Grace would also be a gorgeous addition for an adult doll collection. You can learn more about the Feltman Brothers’ gorgeous dolls and adorable baby outfits at

Caroline Grace collectible doll from the Feltman Brothers

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