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One Stop Shop for Summer Fun & Family Adventures

What do you think of when you hear the word summer? You may think of heat, the pool or family vacations. For moms, summer is not much different than the rest of the year. In hot weather kids are just a little antsier, dirtier from being outside all day and eager to enjoy ice pops and water balloons. To get though my busy summer days I have a one-stop shop for covering all my hot weather needs. At Fred Meyer I can stock up on water toys, swimwear, sunscreen and more and only have to stand in one checkout line. Here are some of the summer essentials that make family life memorable and fun!

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Fun summer activities for kids, water toys and popsicles

Backyard Water Toys

Water balloons are a fun sensory activity for kids. My girls gingerly hold their water balloons, wonder at their squishy feel and sometimes carry them around for hours. My little guy on the other hand immediately throws his water balloons and then asks for more. You can find a variety of water balloons and water toys at Fred Meyer at great prices!

Rainforest Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Water balloons are a fun summer activity for kids

Summer fun with water balloons

Water blasters are another fun backyard toy. When my kids use water blasters I expect them to play nicely and make sure everyone is having fun. Holding a loaded squirt gun is, after all, a big responsibility to know who is playing the game and who is not.

Pool toys are fun to take to the beach or lake. My girls love picking out an inflatable character to play with in the water. We recently took our pool toys to the lake on a family vacation and we enjoyed lots of safe, sunny water play.

Summer family fun with pool inflatables

Taking a inflatable unicorn water toy to the lake

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

My kids also love playing in their inflatable kiddie pool and running through the sprinkler. We made a backyard obstacle course with some foam pool noodles, an old hose, 2 hula hoops and an oversized inflatable ball. Sometimes just a little DIY project is plenty to entertain kids for hours in the warm weather.

My kids had fun running through our DIY pool noodle sprinkler

To make a backyard obstacle course, we used some pool noodles to make a sprinkler, added hula hoops and filled up the kiddie pool with water and water balloons. You could easily create one of these cool sprinklers yourself!

Make a DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler and backyard obstacle course

How to Make a DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Materials: 3 pool noodles, length of hose, duct tape, scissors, screw driver

  • Cut two 10″ lengths of hose (to attach the pool noodles together).
  • Place the end of one 10″ hose through the hole on one pool noodle end and duct tape it securely in place.
  • Attach a second pool noodle onto the hose’s other end and duct tape the two noodles together. To minimize leaks, we positioned the noodles close together with the length of hose running through the center.
  • Repeat to connect the third pool noodle. You could technically connect as many pool noodles as you want!

Make a DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler for kids

Attaching the pool noodles will create a tube that is 3 pool noodles long with sections of hose connecting the noodles together. Note: Make sure all materials are dry when you duct tape everything together.

Use a screw driver to poke holes along the length of the pool noodle tube to make sprinkler spouts. The more holes you make, the lower the water pressure will be.

How to make a backyard water sprinkler obstacle course for kids

We attached our DIY pool noodle sprinkler to a hula hoop to help it stand up. You could also lay the pool noodles on the ground so the water shoots up vertically.

Easy DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler for backyard summer fun

My kids had fun running through our DIY pool noodle sprinkler, playing in the inflatable pool, throwing water balloons and kicking around our huge inflatable ball. Backyard obstacle courses can look different every time you set them up!

Blowing bubbles is a fun summer kids activity

Bubbles & Snacks

Other summer fun family activities include blowing bubbles, having a picnic and making tents out in the yard. When we go to the beach or playground, my kids always want to bring a bag of fruit snacks!

Kroger fruit snacks are a tasty kids snack

When my kids are ready to cool off, they can enjoy some refreshing fruit ice pops or homemade layered yogurt ice pops. Fred Meyer has all the things you need to make ice pops; the pop molds, flavored yogurt and fresh berries if you want to add those in too! My kids love ice pops so if I can make a healthy frozen yogurt version it’s a win for me!

Yummy layered yogurt ice pops

Princess Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Summer Family Essentials

Fred Meyer is a great destination for all backyard, pool party, warm weather needs. I love their selection of fresh produce for summer parties and I often shop their home decor, seasonal and clothing sections. You can find all the summer essentials at Fred Meyer at great prices. Stock up on floaties, bubbles, water blasters, water balloons, Nerf blasters, backyard games, pools, swimwear, flip flops, beach towels, seasonal toys and even gear for grilling & entertaining.

On lazy summer days indoors, we can paint our fingernails, play with Legos or just relax in front of the fan. Summer fun can also inspire educational creativity when kids spend time building new Lego creations, making art or playing board games.

Painting toe nails is a fun summer kids activity

Inflatable watermelon pool toy at the lake - Summer family fun

What are some ways your family enjoys the summer weather and change of routine?

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Lauryn R
Lauryn R

These are such great ideas, I love your homemade obstacle course, with sprinklers! I am definitely going to have to do this for some end of the Summer fun! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂


The ice pops look so good! I need to find a good ice pop maker, they don’t sell those in stores here!


all these ideas sound like so much fun! My kids love playint with water toys, but the weather in switzerland is not warm enough. Right now is only 15°C! So we look forward to leaving for a warmer country in a few days!


Oh my, Your kids are so cute and adorable. You have such a wonderful family. Quality time is really important especially for kids.


You guys look so adorable. It seems like you get the most out of summer fun.


You have a beautiful family! love the photos <3 and the yogurt Popsicles look mouth watering!

Evelyn, PathofPresence

OMG – this looks so fun! Can’t even imagine how much fun he had setting it up for this post. My favorite is the noodle sprinkler – brilliant! ???


Wow. This looks like so much fun. Always nice to find a way to keep the kiddos busy during the summer months. Such a nice concept.


Wow. There are some great tips in here. I especially liked the DIY water noodle, and what girl wouldn’t want an inflatable, colorful unicorn to float on!

Shubhada Bhide
Shubhada Bhide

That yogurt ice pop looks really refreshing. and they look really happy and enjoy the summer.

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

What wonderful ideas for making summer a lot of fun. I love the idea of the pool noodle sprinkler that is awesome!


Now that summer has been in full swing, it’s time to restock on summer supplies! Water balloons, ice pops, we need it all!


What an amazing post, love the location and summer fun. The summer gear looks amazing, I am glad you had an amazing time.

Tizzy Says

Summer is the best time of year. My kids and I always look forward to trips to the local splash pad and swimming pool and yes, popsicles galore LOL