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Creative Ways to Encourage Kids’ Hygiene

Creative Ways to Encourage Kids’ Hygiene

Teach kids to practice good hygiene by making it fun! Create tututooth brushes and a discovery soap dispenser to encourage kids to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and develop healthy hygiene habits.

Tutu Tulle Toothbrushes Kids’ Craft

Do your kids resist brushing their teeth? These toothbrush tutus are an easy way to make tooth brushing fun and decorate your girls’ toothbrushes so you can tell them apart if they happen to choose the same hello kitty light-up tooth brush. We made these cute toothbrush tulle skirts in just minutes with a strip of tulle and a hot glue gun.

Cute tutu toothbrushes kids' craft - Mommy Scene

Toothbrush Tulle Skirts


Strips of tulle
Hot glue gun

Fold an 8″ x 4″ strip of tulle in half lengthwise and stitch a piece of thread along the folded edge. Tug on the two ends of the thread to gather the tulle along the thread. Hot glue the gathered tulle around the toothbrush handle. Also glue the ends of the tulle tutu together to form a skirt. Glue on a short piece of trim to cover the seam edge.

Tulle can be washed off and hot glue is waterproof so these cute toothbrush tulle skirts will last a long time!

Rainforest Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Easy DIY toothbrush tulle skirts - Mommy Scene

Decorate kids' toothbrushes with tulle skirts - Mommy Scene

Decorate kids’ toothbrushes with tulle skirts to encourage kids’ hygiene and make tooth brushing fun!

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Fun kids toothbrush tulle skirts to make tooth brushing fun - Mommy Scene

Glamour Soap Dispenser

Make hand washing fun with this cute glitterized soap dispenser idea. Kids will love getting their own soap to wash their hands, especially when they can discover hidden treasures floating in the soap. You can refill this soap dispenser over and over, saving money and ensuring your kids’ soap is free of harmful chemicals by only buying the good stuff.

Simply fill a soap dispenser with clear liquid soap and add barbie shoes, small jewels and tiny acrylic flowers. To create an interactive discovery soap dispenser for boys just add legos!

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Easy interactive soap dispenser filled with barbie shoes, jewels, and flowers - Mommy Scene

Other ways to make hygiene fun for kids

Scrub Bugs are fun hand washing tools kids can use to learn how to wash their own hands. See our Scrub Bugs review here »

Healthy Hand Washing Tips For Children - Mommy Scene - My toddler loves scrubbing his hands with Scrub Bugs!

Princess Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Sudsy Dough is an interactive moldable soap made with gentle glycerin soap, shea butter and beeswax. It smells amazing and comes in several fragrances. Sudsy Dough doubles as body wash and a sensory bath activity and each ball has a surprise bath toy hidden inside!

Rock the Locks hair products and Sudsy Dough moldable soap - Mommy Scene

Rock the Locks makes gentle, kid-friendly bath and hair products that smell like blueberry and apple! Kids will love learning how to wash their own hair. See our Rock the Locks review here »

It’s easy to teach kids healthy hygiene habits and you can make it super fun with a little creativity!

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Gorgeous blog! I love these ideas to teach kids to wash their hands.


these are all very cool ideas to make staying clean more fun!


These are so fun and cute! Love the tutu toothbrushes, can’t wait till my daughter is old enough for those!

Kayla O'Neill

These are great ideas!!!! Who wouldn’t want a tooth brush with a tu tu?! You could probably sell those!


I seriously love these ideas, especially the toothbrush tutu its super cute!!! I’m going to have to do that for my daughter


This is such a brilliant article. I love every single one of the ideas.

My son is busy with dental hygiene week with the day care so the toothbrush skirt is a great suggestion for all the little ladies in his class. My littlest would also love to have a sparkly skirt on her toothbrush.

Really really great ideas! Thank you! I’m going to try share this.