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Super Cute Baby Dolls that Look Real

Each of my girls have gone through a baby doll stage. They love dressing up their baby dolls, cuddling them and tucking them in bed. The Feltman Brothers make a variety of super cute baby dolls that look lifelike. These dolls have soft weighted bodies that feel very similar to holding an infant. For kids who enjoy playing with baby dolls, Feltman Bothers dolls are a great quality investment for good old fashioned play.

We received a complimentary Feltman Brothers doll in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own.

Feltman Brothers Abigail baby doll review

My 6-year-old daughter was so excited to unwrap her Feltman Brothers “Abigail” doll on Christmas morning. This doll came with a collectible box, a soft knit onesie, and a classic light pink dress with matching bloomers. Right out of the box, she’s ready for play!

Feltman Brothers Abigail baby doll that looks lifelike

Baby Doll Outfits & Accessories

Abigail’s onesie is ideal for wearing at bedtime and during naps. It’s designed to be easy for little girls to dress and undress the doll. Like a real baby onesie, it unsnaps at the bottom and stretches to go over the baby doll’s head.

Abigail’s pink dress is accented with a small collar, crisscross stitched pattern on the bodice, ruffled puff sleeves and a wide hem. Tiny embroidered roses decorate the front of the dress. The dress coordinates with matching light pink bloomers.

You can actually choose from several dress styles when you order a Feltman Brothers baby doll. First, you select the doll and then you can select the dress style. She comes in her box wearing the knit onesie.

Adorable Feltman Brothers Abigail baby doll

This doll from the Feltman Brothers is a really fun baby doll for kids. She’s actually perfect for my daughter, who already loved the name Abigail. Her soft vinyl limbs connect to her weighted soft body. She has good quality “real” hair and super cute features. She even has real eyelashes!

Darling Feltman Brothers Abigail baby doll

The Feltman Brothers baby doll Abigail is fun to cuddle with. Girls can even style the doll’s silky hair. Feltman Brothers dolls come in several styles with different hair colors and ethnicities.

Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Empathy: Kids can enjoy several benefits from playing with dolls. First, boys and girls can practice empathy by caring for their doll. Taking care of a doll is a good way to practice compassion through role play.

Pretending: Also, kids can create stories and pretend situations by playing with dolls. Girls can practice being a mommy. They can feed their doll, change its clothes and rock it to sleep. Kids can also pretend to take their doll on adventures or help fix a boo-boo.

Comfort: Additionally, playing with a doll is often very comforting for a child. My daughter carries her doll around the house and even cuddles with her at bedtime. A super cute high quality doll is a special little friend for a child.

As mentioned, these Feltman Brothers baby dolls are great quality but they are also well designed for playtime. I teach my daughter to take care of her things, and remind her when she’s being too rough. These dolls easily hold up through regular thoughtful playtime. I often tell my kids if they want to have nice things, they need to purposefully take care of their toys. Owning a pretty doll is a good way to teach kids about stewardship.

Darling lifelike baby doll for kids by the Feltman Brothers

Overall, these dolls are really precious toys and a great gift idea too! It’s fun to watch my daughter interact with her doll and enjoy playing with a special toy.

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