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How to Make a Princess Doll Birthday Cake

Birthdays can easily be exciting and memorable for kids, especially when you plan a celebration using a little creativity. I love finding ways to make birthdays special without spending a ton of money. One year I made my daughter a doll princess cake complete with her favorite ballerina Barbie displayed inside the cake. I’ve seen some amazing princess cake designs from bakers with true artistic skill. I tried to take a different approach; we created a simple princess doll birthday cake that pretty much anyone could make using a few basic kitchen tools. See our how-to video below!

How to Make a Princess Doll Birthday Cake

Princess Doll Birthday Cake DIY Video

To make a princess doll birthday cake, you’ll need to bake a few small cakes. Easily mix up a boxed cake mix and pour it into 3 small cake pans. Bake it according to the directions on the box. Once baked and cooled, remove the cakes from the pans and stack them with icing layered in between. This stage of a DIY princess doll birthday cake will look similar to any typical 3-layered cake.

Cute and creative princess doll birthday cake

Once the cakes are stacked, carefully sheer off the sides of the tiered cake to make a skirt-shaped cone. Cut a hole in the top of the cake and insert the doll. I’d recommend thoroughly washing the doll with dish soap before placing it into the cake.

How to make a creative princess doll birthday cake

You can mound up extra cake shavings along the doll’s waist to bring the skirt up to the right level. Gently press the cake pieces down so they stay together. Next, cover the doll’s cake “skirt” with a crumb coat (thin layer of icing) to prepare it for the icing ruffles.

Fit a pastry bag with an angled icing tip. Mix together different colors of icing and spoon the first color into the pastry bag. I used white icing and added food coloring. Starting at the bottom, use the pastry bag and angled icing tip to create ruffled waves of icing along the bottom of the skirt, working your way upward. You can add new colors of icing to the pastry bag to create a color gradient effect. For our princess doll birthday cake, I had to refill the pastry bag 3-4 times and each time I added a new color of icing.

Easy DIY princess doll birthday cake

Once the doll’s cake skirt is fully covered with icing, you can detail it with candy embellishments, chocolate candies and sprinkles. This DIY princess doll cake can be customized with any color to match a princess birthday party theme!

My daughter’s princess doll birthday cake turned out pretty cute and it tasted great too! We enjoyed hosing a few friends for a playdate and enjoying some birthday party treats. Happy Birthday little princess!


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