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Kids Minecraft Party Ideas, Swords & Creepers

Kids Minecraft Party Ideas, Swords & Creepers

Birthday parties are a great opportunity to get creative with celebrating your child! My kids start talking about their birthday party theme a few months in advance. For her 6th birthday my daughter wanted to have a Minecraft birthday party. We made lots of kids Minecraft party ideas including a creeper pinata, colorful Minecraft-inspired potions and tasty party snacks!

Kids Minecraft Party Ideas, Swords, Creepers & More!

Rainforest Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Kids minecraft party ideas colorful flavored potions

Kids Minecraft party ideas can be creative, inexpensive and fun! Easily make colorful potions by buying a flat of small water bottles, stripping off the labels and adding a squirt of flavored water enhancer. We made purple, blue and orange Minecraft potions and party drinks.

Kids minecraft party ideas sheep, grass, redstone food and treats

Tasty Kids Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft party food can be inspired by things found in the popular interactive kids game. We made rice crispy treats as Minecraft sheep and green Minecraft grass J-ello squares. A platter of fresh strawberries serves as a mound of redstone. You could make the redstone extra authentic by cutting off the strawberry  stems and arranging each strawberry pointy end up.

Kids minecraft party ideas and food inspired by sheep and grass

Minecraft party food! Make Minecraft sheep, grass and redstone using popular kids party treats.

Printable! Print off our Minecraft Party Signs Template (open link, right click, save as).

Kids minecraft party ideas redstone strawberry treats

The highlight of any kid’s birthday party is the birthday cake! Not only do kids love singing “Happy Birthday” and watching the birthday boy or birthday girl blow out the candles, most kids love eating cake and ice cream. I usually design a creative and budget-friendly cake for my kids’ birthday parties. This year we made a birthday cake inspired by the Minecraft world, using a square chocolate cake topped with some cake cubes and icing dirt. Hidden among the icing grass are colorful chocolate colored candies representing elements and treasures. We topped the cake with floating Minecraft clouds attached to wooden skewers.

Kids minecraft party ideas birthday cake

Happy Birthday 6-year-old!

Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Kids love hitting things with Minecraft swords. We made a Minecraft Creeper Pinata out of a cardboard box and fringed green tissue paper. You can easily make your own kids’ birthday party pinata in any style and fill it with an assortment of your kids’ favorite candy. See our full Minecraft Creeper Pinata how-to here!

Each child had a chance to hit the creeper with their Minecraft swords and everyone took a second turn using a baseball bat. It’s important to create a boundary line for all the kids to stand behind while a child is hitting the pinata, to avoid accidentally hitting other party guests.

Kids minecraft party ideas creeper pinata

Minecraft Birthday Party Games

Creeper Chase – Play a game of tag and designate the person who is “it” as the creeper. They can even wear a creeper-inspired paper mask and chase their friends around the yard.

Silly String is always fun for any party. Kids enjoy spraying cans of Silly String at their friends and watching the colorful spray string spiral through the air. Make clean-up at the end of the game a group effort.

Kids minecraft party ideas silly string birthday activity

We also made a Minecraft sheep using a cardboard box and packing tape. A Minecraft sheep is a cute and inexpensive party decoration for a kids Minecraft birthday party.

Kids minecraft party ideas

Kids minecraft party ideas DIY swords

Minecraft Sword Coloring Activity

Kids always love doing creative activities at a birthday party. Our party guests colored Minecraft swords and filled in the designs with their favorite colors. We made these swords out of cardboard and glued on the coloring page sword pattern with spray adhesive.

Make your own Minecraft swords using the following materials:

  • Strips of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paper & printer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray adhesive


Cut 20″ x 4″ lengths of cardboard with the corrugated pattern running lengthwise to make stronger swords. Make a pointed tip at one end, and at the other end create cut-outs for the sword handle and a not quite pointed tip. Cut the cardboard shapes for the hilt (we did double sided but this isn’t required).

Use a hot glue gun to attach the cardboard pieces together.

Printables! Minecraft sword pattern | hilt & handle pattern
(right click and save as)

Kids minecraft party ideas sword pattern templateKids minecraft party ideas sword hilt pattern template

Print off the Minecraft sword pattern, cut it out and use spray adhesive to glue the pattern onto the cardboard sword. When using spray adhesive, place the item to be sprayed inside an old cardboard box as a work space. This will protect your work area from overspray when you spray the adhesive onto paper. You can throw away the sticky box later.

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Kids minecraft party ideas diy swords coloring activity

Princess Sensory Kit creative kids activity

Once assembled, these DIY cardboard Minecraft swords are fun to color and perfect to have pretend sword fights with! The cardboard swords aren’t super durable so gentle play will extend their life.

Kids minecraft party ideas DIY cardboard swords

Kids attending a Minecraft birthday party will love coloring their own Minecraft swords! Each sword turns out differently with unique colors and patterns. This DIY Minecraft sword kids coloring activity is a great kids’ birthday party craft that’s easy to pull off with just a little preparation.

DIY Minecraft sword kids coloring activity

I hope you are inspired by our creative kids Minecraft party ideas!

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It’s so many fun ideas!! I don’t have children yet but I would totally do these cool stuff!

sara lafountain
sara lafountain

This is such a cute Minecraft party! I love all the creative ways you tied in the Minecraft colors and styles.


Oh my goodness how cute is all of this?! My son would absolutely love those fun swords 🙂

catherine santiago jose
catherine santiago jose

Such a great and unique idea for kids party that will definitely make a great memory and will last. I love the sword thing DIY project that really make this a minecraft party a blast.


So cute! Those swords are so fun! We had a minecraft party for the youngest a while back and it was sofun!


what a fun idea!!!
My son’s friend had a Minecraft theme party a couple years ago too… it’s the BIG thing for their generation!
love the food and potion you created ; )

Yeah Lifestyle

I totally love your suggestions as both my kids love minecraft and your ideas are easy enough for us to do at home for their friends. And everyone would love it too.

Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt

thats an awesome craft idea! minecraft is so popular!


aw happy 6th birthday little cutie! and i love that you’re not going with the stereotypical princess/pink theme ❤️😊

Jackline A

Wow this is amazing! Love the cake, love the decor and all the little details!


What a great idea for crafts! My kids love Minecraft and coloring so this is right up there alley!

April Kitchens

Oh my gosh, this party looks so fun! The colored water is awesome.

Everything Mummy

oh love these ideas! You really went all out to make it a great party. That cake looks delicious x

Tiffany Barry

What an amazing Minecraft party! I went to one similar to this once, and I was blown away by all the awesome DIY.


That is fully awesome! My kids love Minecraft. So do I, actually. I love these ideas. The swords are a nice touch!


Super super super love the idea, sooo creative and super fun to prepare, love it! Thank you so much for sharing.