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Indoor & Outdoor Play for Little Monkeys

A large part of my job as a mom involves keeping my kids entertained with an indoor kids activity. My kids do their schoolwork in the morning and we often read books in the afternoon. Other times we have a tea party or play out in the yard. My kids love playing on our swing set, which is not as fun if it’s cold or rainy outside. An indoor play structure is a great solution for helping kids burn off some energy.

Indoor & Outdoor Play for Little Monkeys

When the cold weather arrives and overcast days make the sunshine scarce, our kids spend more and more time indoors. This is a great time to play indoor games, make crafts, or dress up.

Dress up chest indoor kids activity

Dress Up and Have a Tea Party

My daughters love playing dress-up with costumes, setting up kid’s tea parties or pretending to be animals. Imaginative play is a fun activity the whole family can participate in. My husband and I try to play along when we can.

Lil' Monkey Climb N Slide indoor kids activity

Stay Busy Indoors

My kids love being active even when they are stuck indoors. In the winter, we set up an indoor kids climbing play set in our basement. This Lil’ Monkey Climb N Slide Everest is easy to pop out quickly and set up for the kids. All three of my kids enjoy sliding down the slide and climbing up high. Even our 18-month-old can wiggle and crawl through the cube frames of the structure.

Lil' Monkey Climb N Slide jungle gym indoor kids activity

My husband put this portable jungle gym together in about 30 minutes. Once it was assembled, we learned how easy it is to collapse and fold up. We can store it behind a couch, in a closet, or even under my daughter’s bed. The Lil’ Monkey Climb N Slide play set is a snap to set up each time. Our kids ask us to put it in the front yard when the sun is out. We can also set this play set up in the basement when our kids are inside and want to get up and move.

Lil' Monkey Climb N Slide jungle gym

Keep Kids Active

Lil’ Monkey play sets come in a variety of styles for different ages of kids. These portable play sets make it easy to transform your backyard or basement into a playground! Lil’ Monkey jungle gyms are designed for ages 1-8 and help with “Keeping Children Active” as well as improve a child’s strength, motor skills and agility. Lil’ Monkey’s staff of toy experts have over 15 years of experience in developing and manufacturing toys that are safe and durable. If you have active kids, I definitely recommend getting one of these fun kid’s portable jungle gyms especially as an interactive indoor kids activity during the colder months.

Lil' Monkey Climb N Slide Everest indoor kids activity

Simple kids crafts and activities are also a fun way to make a cold weather day a little more interesting. We often make play dough, get out the sensory bins, or do a creative kids project. I love encouraging my kids to learn through play!

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