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Meet Codi, A Storytelling Robot Friend

In today’s world, technology seems to be everywhere we turn. My kids often ask to use my phone or their tablets to play games, to the point where we’ve limited our kids’ screen time to Friday afternoons. It’s refreshing when we come across a toy that uses technology to create a screen-free experience for kids. My kids have enjoyed playing with Codi, a storytelling robot that also plays songs and quiet time music. Here are the ins and outs of our experience hanging out with Codi.

Codi is a storytelling robot that interacts with your child and encourages imaginative play. It doesn’t have a screen, which is a huge plus for a techy toy. Codi is an adorable robot character which kids can hold, dress up, and interact with using the buttons on its front. Kids can start a song, play one of the many classic stories, or listen to a character lesson about sharing or managing emotions.

Codi is a storyteller – choose from 130 classic stories that stimulate the imagination without a screen.

Codi is a DJ – enjoy a playlist of 100 classic songs to get your child moving.

Codi builds good routines – use Codi’s exclusive content to remind your kids to brush their teeth or clean up.

Meet Codi a Storytelling Robot Friend

The box we received for review came with the Codi robot, a USB charger and an adapter. To set up Codi, we connected it to our Wifi signal, downloaded the smartphone app and set up a parental control account. This account allows a parent to customize Codi’s playlist by adding or removing songs or stories. I can also see what my child has been listening to and set volume controls. The Interactions tab within the app allows me to prompt Codi to tell my kids to clean up toys or brush their teeth. These actions also come with a song!

How to Use Codi

Play – Codi’s front button controls allow kids to play a song or story and push the check button if they like it or the X button if they don’t like it. Kids can personalize their playlist with the songs and stories they like most. The right and left buttons move forward or backward through the playlist. Kids can also speak to Codi while pressing the message button to send a message to their parent’s phone via Wifi.

Update – The app prompts you to update Codi’s software as it’s released, which allows Codi to keep learning. As a future software improvement, it would be great for Codi to be able to understand and interact with more voice commands or say a child’s name.

Interact – Codi is made with high quality, impact resistant materials. It’s designed for kids ages 12 months to 7 years and tested to be safe and durable for children to play with. Codi comes with a free library of more than 200 classic songs, stories and lessons. This content is age-appropriate and aides development of literacy and motor skills.

Codi storytelling robot has Dinosaur, Unicorn and Monkey outfits

Dress up – My kids love that Codi has outfits so they can dress it up as a monkey, dino, unicorn or astronaut. These outfits fit on Codi head first, around the bottom and then fasten in the front. Each of the outfits has a carrying handle on the back, so you can take Codi with you wherever you go!

Codi storytelling robot

Playtime with Codi

Codi is a fun pal to include in playtime, whether kids are exploring, building a blanket fort, or playing a board game. Codi’s songs and stories provide an educational way for kids to relax, enjoy the classic tales and grow in appreciation for literature. Codi’s stories are easy to quickly play without any setup. The Codi robot character is endearing and even lights up with colorful LED lights in its intenna and on the sides of its helmet.

Codi has a playlist of fun kids’ songs, as well as a “calming playlist” of soft lullabies and classical music. The kids’ songs are fun to play in the afternoon. At night, we often play Codi’s calming playlist to help our kids wind down before bed.

Codi storytelling friend and learning activity

Codi’s stories include the tale of Chicken Little, Cinderella and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, plus many others. I added a bunch more stories to Codi from the app, which gave me a long list of classic stories to choose from. Some of the stories are a few minutes long, while others are 15+ minutes long. My 7-year-old daughter likes listening to Codi when she’s relaxing in her room during our afternoon quiet time.

Overall, Codi is an engaging friend for kids to bring on their adventures. Young kids will enjoy Codi’s songs and older kids will like interacting with Codi and dressing it up. Codi’s also a great gift idea for a birthday or the holidays!


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