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Vancouver Aquarium Family Trip Destination

This spring we had a chance to visit the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada. We’ve visited many aquariums and it’s always fun to see the unique attractions each location offers. The Vancouver Aquarium has plenty of things to see and lots of interactive activities for families. My kids enjoyed learning about many different sea creatures and observing a wide variety of fish and marine animals up close!

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Family visit to the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada - Mommy Scene

Under the Sea Viewing Windows

The Vancouver Aquarium has a variety of colorful ocean displays each filled with sea creatures, coral and sea anemones. My girls especially liked the graceful jellyfish and colorful types of fish swimming around their viewing windows.

Vancouver Aquarium ocean viewing windows - Mommy Scene

Each aquarium window display showed us an entirely different under sea ecosystem complete with rocks and marine plants to create a unique habitat for each ocean creature.

Clown fish at the Vancouver Aquarium - Mommy Scene

Colorful clown fish swim around their exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada.

Sea Anemones at the Vancouver Aquarium - Mommy Scene

Vancouver Aquarium star fish and sea anemones - Mommy Scene

My daughter liked looking at the pink sea anemones gently waving in their ocean habitat.

Under the Sea displays at the Vancouver Aquarium - Mommy Scene

The aquarium walkthrough included several themed sections such as this Treasures of the BC Coast attraction. We always enjoy learning about new areas and parts of the world. The best family trip destinations are places the kids can explore, learn new things, and have a chance to play.

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Vancouver Aquarium Treasures of the BC Coast - Mommy Scene

Animal Rescue Station

The kids favorite part of the Vancouver Aquarium was the Animal Rescue Station and kids’ play center, filled with interactive activities and learning toys. My daughter learned about taking care of endangered species and how wildlife veterinarians care for and rehabilitate sick animals before returning them to the ocean.

Vancouver Aquarium kids animal rescue center - Mommy Scene

The animal rescue play center is a lot of fun for kids because they can interact at different stations and pretend to check animals’ vital signs, feed them formula, check their weight, and even pretend to release them back into the ocean. This kids’ play section at the aquarium included lots of wildlife veterinarian equipment for kids and plushy animals to practice on. My daughter wasted no time putting on her apron and helping several sick animals feel better.

Vancouver Aquarium kids animal rescue center play section - Mommy Scene

The aquarium’s Animal Rescue Station play place includes lots of veterinarian equipment, stethoscopes, weight scales, play charts and other animal rehabilitation tools.

Vancouver Aquarium Highlights

We enjoyed walking through the aquarium’s variety of ocean exhibits.

We also watched an IMAX presentation about ocean life. We love the IMAX experience because it’s fun to learn about ocean life and the animal kingdom on the big screen.

We also watched a beluga whale show and dolphin show with trainers feeding and working with the animals.

The Vancouver Aquarium had a nice outdoor cafe to stop for lunch, with plenty of seating.

Reptiles & Birds Exhibit

We also visited the reptile section and observed several alligators, snakes and pythons. A similar exhibit included tropical birds in their replicated natural habitats.

Vancouver Aquarium reptiles exhibit - Mommy SceneA tropical snake resting on a tree limb at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Tropical birds at the Vancouver Aquarium - Mommy SceneThis pair of birds is happily socializing on a branch.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and I definitely recommend it as a destination for a family trip. The aquarium is primarily indoors so you can enjoy it even in colder weather and the exhibits offer a lot to see and interact with, for adults and kids!

Family visit to the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada - Mommy Scene

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