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DIY Princess Poppy Flower Headband Craft Idea

Princesses can come in all shapes and styles. Princess Poppy proves this in her story of adventure and colorfully awesome hairstyles. You can easily make Princess Poppy’s flower headband for your own girls. And while you’re working on this DIY flower headband, dance along to the energetic Trolls movie soundtrack!

DIY Princess Poppy flower headband craft

Princess Poppy wears a green headband with purple flowers, so we cut some flowers out of felt and glued them onto a green piece of elastic. Use hot glue to minimize drying time so your kids can play with these right away!

Headband Materials

  • blue and green felt
  • green fold-over elastic
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

DIY Princess Poppy flower headband

Cut tear-drop shaped felt flowers out of blue felt. Cut smaller tear-drop shaped leaves out of green felt. Measure a piece of green elastic long enough to go around your child’s head.

Easy DIY Princess Poppy flower headband

Glue on the leaves to the underside of the flowers and attach the flowers to the headband. Using a hot glue gun instead of craft glue will minimize drying time. Arrange the flowers along the length of the headband elastic and glue them on using hot glue. Glue the ends of the elastic together to make the headband loop.

DIY Princess Poppy felt flower headband craft

Easy DIY Princess Poppy flower headbands

Girls will love dressing up like Troll’s Princess Poppy with this fun DIY felt flower headband.

My daughter helped me make these fun Princess Poppy flower headbands. She also wanted to color her hair pink!

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DIY Princess Poppy flower headband craft for girls

Cute and easy DIY Princess Poppy Trolls flower headbands

Princess Poppy flower headbands are perfect for dress up or your next Trolls-themed kids birthday party. You can also make DIY hair accessories just for fun!

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