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My Simple $50 Makeup Routine + Video Demonstration

I love finding effective skincare products that I can rely on and keep my morning routine simple. I’m a busy mom of 3 young kids, and I often only have a few minutes to get ready for the day. Over the last few years, I’ve discovered a variety of great makeup products that I regular use. I’m excited to share my top makeup essentials which total close to $50.

In the video below, I demonstrate my daily makeup routine and talk a little about some of my favorite products, all which total close to $50. This is not a sponsored post. I paid for these products and use them regularly. This post includes affiliate links which help to support my blog at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own.

Video Demonstration – Easy $50 Makeup Routine

Basic Daily Makeup Routine

For me, foundation is a basic essential and mascara is a personal favorite. I also like wearing loose powder to cut the shine throughout the day, and a bit of blush.

I start off my skincare routine by quickly washing my face and patting it dry. Next, I apply foundation and a bit of concealer on specific blemishes if needed. I follow this with a light smear of blush and a layer of loose powder. Finally, I apply mascara to my eyelashes and a bit of light shimmery eye shadow.

Inexpensive makeup routine and top concealer, foundation and blush products

Foundation & Concealer

A good foundation can be very effective at providing a base for the rest of your makeup. I use Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation which goes on smoothly and provides medium coverage. It also contains a broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen. I really like this foundation because it isn’t greasy and it blends evenly with my skin tone. I use it daily as the first step of my makeup routine. Rimmel long wear foundation costs approximately $6 – $9 and it comes in numerous shades to match your skin.

I generally apply a dab of Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer to specific blemishes or dark areas under my eyes. This concealer comes in a tube with a wand applicator that’s also perfect to tuck in your purse. It comes in several shades and costs only $4.

Blush Stick

Next, I apply a light smear of blush along my cheekbones. I lightly blend it in at an angle towards my temples. I like blush because it provides a bit of color after applying my foundation. I’ve used both powdered blush and a blush stick. Most recently, I’ve really liked using Avon True Color Be Blushed cheek color. It retails for $13 and I’ve also found it on sale for around $8 on the Avon website.

Easy and budget friendly makeup routine Katie Wallace

Loose Powder

Finally, I apply a light layer of Almay Loose Finishing Powder ($10 – $12) to keep my face from getting shiny throughout the day. I also learned a little trick; when I first buy my loose powder, I open it and add 1 tbsp. of cornstarch. I mix it together and replace the filter lid. For me, adding cornstarch to my loose powder helps extend the product so it lasts longer, and also keeps my face shine-free all day long. I’ve discovered that cornstarch is an effective and natural way to absorb oils. I generally only have to apply my cornstarch-enhanced finishing powder once in the morning to keep my face looking matte all day long.

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$50 makeup routine loose finishing powder with cornstarch added

Wash-off Waterproof Mascara

Once I’ve finished with my face, I typically always apply mascara and a bit of eye shadow. My eyelashes are fairly light brown, so I think that wearing mascara makes me look more awake and polished for the day. I like wearing mascara even if I’m not planning on leaving the house that day! I use Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mascara in black ($9).

I’ve been using this mascara for years and I love it because it doesn’t come off under my eyes throughout the day. I’ve tried using other brands and several hours later the mascara inevitably starts coming off and I have to repeatedly swab under my eyes. Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mascara doesn’t come off. Furthermore, it’s still very easy to remove at the end of the day with warm water and a bit of make-up remover. I wear this mascara in all weather and while swimming or using our hot tub. I’ve been using this mascara for 15+ years and I highly recommend it. I even buy it in multi-packs!

$50 makeup routine Avon wash-off waterproof mascara

Shimmery Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is something I wear just for fun. I usually brush some light shimmery shadow onto my eyelids and a bit under my eyes. I haven’t gotten into blending or shading eye shadow hues. Ultimately, I just like a bit of light shimmer! Lately I’ve been using Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Shadow ($7) in a neutral light pink shade.

$50 makeup routine shimmery eye shadow

Hydrating Lip Tints

Last but not least, I absolutely love wearing Babo Botanicals Conditioning Lip Tints ($5 – $6). These rose-inspired colors go on so smoothly and provide very pretty color. Babo Botanicals shimmery lip tints also smell like roses and are made with deeply conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. If you love lip products, you’ll love trying out these hydrating lip balms!

Babo Botanicals Natural Lip Tints top makeup products

So there you have it! I wear makeup mostly every day and I keep my stash stocked for close to $50. I often shop sales and stock up on my daily makeup essentials to save even more on my makeup products. Many of these products I only have to replace every 6 months or so. I love being organized in many aspects of my life, including my makeup routine!

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$50 dollar makeup routine and foundation, concealer and blush products

I definitely recommend trying out the makeup products that I use. Also, if you have your own favorite makeup essentials, I’d love to hear what they are in the comments! Overall, it’s great to know that it’s possible to find good quality makeup products at affordable prices.


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